Business Licenses

Who Needs a Business License?

The City of Belvedere requires any individual or company doing business in Belvedere to purchase a business license.  This includes businesses located in Belvedere, whether commercial or home-based, as well as businesses headquartered out of town but who enter Belvedere to do business.

How Much Do They Cost?

Business License Tax (annual)$160
Business License - Relocation Fee$15
Business License - Duplicate/Replacement$15
Business License - Penalty$160

How Do I Apply?

Submit your Business License Application (PDF) and required fees to:
    Belvedere City Hall
    450 San Rafael Avenue
    Belvedere, CA  94920

How Do I Renew A Business License?

Business Licenses must be renewed annually if you continue to work in the City of Belvedere. Renewal notices are sent no later than December 15th of each year to all businesses or merchants currently licensed with the City of Belvedere. If you did not receive your renewal, or have any questions, please contact City Hall at (415) 435-3838.

Forms & Applications