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NOVEMBER 9, 2015, 6:30 P.M.
City Hall Council Chambers
450 San Rafael Avenue, Belvedere, California


The public will be given an opportunity speak on each agenda item when it is called.  Upon being recognized by the Mayor, please state your name and address, and limit your oral statement to no more than three minutes.  The Council welcomes comments and questions raised by interested citizens but typically does not respond during the comment period.

                    PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE

              Meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM.
              Council Present: Campbell, Donnell, McCaskill, Winter, and Mayor McAuliffe.
              Council Absent: None.

              Mayor McAuliffe led the Pledge of Allegiance

This is an opportunity for any citizen to briefly address the City Council on any matter that does not appear in this agenda.  Upon being recognized by the Mayor, please state your name, address, and limit your oral statement to no more than three minutes.  Matters that appear to warrant a more lengthy presentation or Council consideration will be agendized for further discussion at a later meeting.

Christopher Dawson, 6 San Rafael Avenue, spoke during the open forum.


1.     City Council Reports.

Council Members Donnell, Winter, Campbell, and Mayor McAuliffe gave reports.

2.     City Manager Reports.

City Manager Neilan reported on two grants received by the City for flood mitigation projects.

The Consent Calendar consists of items that the City Council considers to be non-controversial.  Unless any item is specifically removed by any member of the City Council, staff, or audience, the Consent Calendar will be adopted by one motion.  Items removed will be considered in the sequence as they appear below.  If any member of the audience wishes to have an item removed, please step to the microphone, state your name, and indicate the item.

Item 4 was removed from the Consent Calendar by a member of the Council for comment.

To approve Items 3, 5, and 6 as part of the Consent Calendar
By Campbell, second by Donnell; approval unanimous

3.     Approve minutes of the October 12, 2015, regular City Council meeting.

4.     Approve warrants of October 2015.

5.     Approve amendment to City Manager Employment Agreement.

6.     Adopt a Complete Streets Resolution in accordance with requirements from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Transportation Authority of Marin.

Mayor McAuliffe asked questions about the warrants for October.

To approve the warrants of October 2015
By McCaskill, second by Campbell; approval unanimous


7.    Authorization to advance funds for Reassessment Engineering Services associated with refinancing outstanding bonds for seven utility underground districts and request to hold special City Council meeting on November 30, 2015, to approve refinancing.
Staff recommendation: (1) Authorize an advance of $39,200 for Reassessment Engineering Services associated with refinancing seven utility underground districts’ outstanding bonds, to be reimbursed from refinancing bond proceeds, and (2) convene a special City Council meeting on November 30, 2015, to approve refinancing.

The Council discussed the refinancing.
No Comments from the Public.

Motion: To authorize an advance of funds for Reassessment Engineering Services associated with refinancing seven utility underground districts' outstanding bonds. 
By McCaskill, second by Winter; approval unanimous

The Council will hold a special meeting on November 30, 2015, at 5:00 PM to approve the refinancing.

8.    Annual Report from Belvedere-Tiburon Joint Recreation.
Staff recom
mendation: Receive the report.

Cathleen Andreucci, Recreation Director, presented the annual report from Belvedere-Tiburon Joint Recreation Department.

9.    Discussion on various policies and issues; determine next steps.
Staff recommendation
: Provide direction to staff.

The Council discussed the Richardson Bay anchorage issue. Staff will look into the possibility of ticketing derelict  boats that enter City limits  and Council Member Winter will report back to the Council on the community meeting held in Sausalito on November 12, 2015.

The Council discussed their revocable license policy. Staff will draft an amendment to the revocable license policy for review at a future Council meeting.

The Council discussed issues arising from the deer population. Staff will focus on education of the public about deer issues and will continue to monitor for any new advancements in deer management.

The Council discussed the undergrounding project at Beach Road. Staff will contact the San Francisco Yacht Club to gauge their interest in participating in an undergrounding district and will return to Council with more information if interest is expressed.

Lastly, the Council discussed the draft equipment replacement list and will incorporate planning for the replacement of the City's equipment and facilities in future budgeting cycles.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:32 PM.


Staff reports and other materials distributed to the City Council are available for public inspection at the following locations:
>    Belvedere City Hall, 450 San Rafael Avenue, Belvedere.
       (Materials distributed to the City Council after the agenda packet is published are available
       for public inspection at this location only.)
>    Belvedere-Tiburon Library, 1501 Tiburon Boulevard, Tiburon.
To request automatic mailing of agenda materials, please contact the City Clerk at 415/435-8913.

The following accommodations will be provided upon request to persons with a disability; agendas and/or agenda packet materials in alternate formats and special assistance needed to attend or participate in this meeting.  Please make your request at the Office of the City Clerk or by calling 415/435-3838.  Whenever possible, please make your request four working days in advance.