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MAY 8, 2017, 6:30 P.M.
City Hall Council Chambers
450 San Rafael Avenue, Belvedere, California


The public will be given an opportunity speak on each agenda item when it is called.  Upon being recognized by the Mayor, please state your name and address, and limit your oral statement to no more than three minutes.  The Council welcomes comments and questions raised by interested citizens but typically does not respond during the comment period.

                    PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE

                       Meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM.

              Council Present: Kemnitzer, McAuliffe, McCaskill, Winter, and Mayor Campbell
              Council Absent: None

              Mayor Campbell led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Interview applicants for various positions on City committees and commissions.
Council interviewed 2 applicants for the Parks and Open Space Committee and 1 applicant for the Belvedere-Tiburon Library Agency Board of Trustees.

This is an opportunity for any citizen to briefly address the City Council on any matter that does not appear in this agenda.  Upon being recognized by the Mayor, please state your name, address, and limit your oral statement to no more than three minutes.  Matters that appear to warrant a more lengthy presentation or Council consideration will be agendized for further discussion at a later meeting.

One speaker.


2.     City Council Reports.
Council Member McAuliffe and Mayor Campbell gave reports.

3.     City Manager Reports.
City Manager Middleton gave a report.

The Consent Calendar consists of items that the City Council considers to be non-controversial.  Unless any item is specifically removed by any member of the City Council, staff, or audience, the Consent Calendar will be adopted by one motion.  Items removed will be considered in the sequence as they appear below.  If any member of the audience wishes to have an item removed, please step to the microphone, state your name, and indicate the item.

The Consent Calendar was approved in one motion:

4.     Approve minutes of the April 11, 2017, regular City Council meeting. - minutes approved.

Approve warrants of April 2017. - warrants approved.

First reading of a resolution approving an amended job description and salary and compensation for the position of Administrative Services Manager.- first reading approved.

Designate a Director and Alternate Director to represent the City on the Public Agency Risk Sharing Authority of California (PARSAC)’s Board of Directors. - resolution adopted.

Approve renewal of the Cooperation Agreement between the City of Belvedere and the County of Marin for the City’s participation in the Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investment Partnership Programs.  - Cooperation Agreement renewal approved.

Individual Consent Calendar Items are considered non-controversial but require individual motions for approval due to necessary recusals.

Individual Consent Calendar items were approved under individual motions:

9.      Adopt a resolution amending a resolution of intention to make acquisitions and improvements for the proposed Acacia/Laurel Undergrounding Assessment District to include 7 additional poles on Beach Road. - resolution adopted.

Approve revocable license for private improvements in the public right-of-way in front of 290 Beach Road. Property Owner: The Terry P. Noyer Trust 2013, et al. - revocable license approved.


11.    Preliminary review of annual operating budget and capital improvement program for the City for Fiscal Year 2017-2018.
Staff recommendation: Consider the preliminar
y FY2017-18 Operating and Capital Budget and provide direction to staff.

Council reviewed the preliminary budget and provided direction to staff for preparation of the final budget adoption hearing on June 12, 2017.

Discussion on possible amendments to the City’s Master Schedule of Fees, Charges, and Application Fees.
Staff recommendation: Review proposed increases and additions to the City’s Master Schedule of Fees and provide direction to staff in preparation for a public
hearing at a future meeting.

Council reviewed the proposed changes to the Master Schedule of Fees, Charges, and Application Fees and directed staff to return with a resolution adopting the changes at their June 12, 2017, meeting with the exception to further consideration given to the proposed fee for a Design Review Exemption.

Discussion on Proposition 64, recreational marijuana sale, commercial cultivation, and delivery, in response to new state law.
Staff recommendation: Direct staff to return with code amendments affirming the City’s implied prohibition against the sale and commercial cultivation of recreational marijuana for Council consideration; advise staff regarding the delivery of marijuana in Belvedere; and advi
se staff regarding outdoor and/or indoor personal cultivation of marijuana.

Council reviewed the impacts of new state legislation under Proposition 64 and directed staff to return at a future meeting with an ordinance amending the Belvedere Municipal Code affirming the City's implied prohibition against the sale and commercial cultivation of recreational marijuana, prohibiting recreational marijuana delivery and allowing medical marijuana delivery, prohibiting outdoor cultivation of marijuana, and prohibiting the commercial cultivation of non-medical marijuana.

Committee appointments to various City committees and commissions.
Staff recommendation: Make appoin
tments to various City committees and commissions.

The Council appointed Anne Marie Walker and reappointed Barbara Winter and Alison Seaman to the Parks and Open Space Committee. The Council reappointed Diana Bradley, Richard Newman, Mel Owen, and Bruce Sams to the Historic Preservation Committee. The Council appointed William J. Smith to the Belvedere-Tiburon Library Agency Board of Trustees.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.

Staff reports and other materials distributed to the City Council are available for public inspection at the following locations:
>    Belvedere City Hall, 450 San Rafael Avenue, Belvedere.
       (Materials distributed to the City Council after the agenda packet is published are available
       for public inspection at this location only.)
>    Belvedere-Tiburon Library, 1501 Tiburon Boulevard, Tiburon.
To request automatic mailing of agenda materials, please contact the City Clerk at 415/435-8913.

The following accommodations will be provided upon request to persons with a disability; agendas and/or agenda packet materials in alternate formats and special assistance needed to attend or participate in this meeting.  Please make your request at the Office of the City Clerk or by calling 415/435-3838.  Whenever possible, please make your request four working days in advance.