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City of Belvedere Planning Department News

Posted on: November 30, 2017

Planning Commission Notice of Public Hearing

NOTE: This is not an agenda. The agenda will be posted and available the Friday before the meeting.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on Tuesday, December 19, 2017 at 6:30 p.m., the Planning Commission of the City of Belvedere will hold a regular meeting at 450 San Rafael Avenue, Belvedere, California, to consider actions and reports including the following:

1. Extension request of previous approvals granted for Design Review, Variance, and Exception to Total Floor Area for the property located at 285 Bayview Avenue to allow construction of various improvements to the residence, including construction of a new entry on the rear elevation of the residence, creation of a new roof deck and installation of a new gas fireplace on an existing roof deck, as well as the construction of other site improvements, including the replacement if existing retaining walls, and the construction of new retaining walls, in the front, side and rear yards. Property Owner: Joy Reisner. Applicant: Zack Taylor.

2. Demolition, Design Review, Variance and Revocable License applications for 20 Bella Vista Avenue. The applicant proposes to demolish the existing dilapidated carport/barn like structure at the front of the right side property. The applicant is not proposing to replace the existing structure. The existing fence at the front of the property is proposed to remain. The applicant proposes landscaping in the area of where the carport/barn like structure is to be removed. A variance is required for parking; the property will not meet the minimum two (2) required parking stalls for a single family residence. An updated Revocable License is required for existing improvements in the city right-of-way. Applicant/Property Owner: Gail Harter.

3. Design Review and Exception to Floor Area applications for the property at 2 Cliff Road. The application is requesting Design Review for an addition to the existing single-family residence. The scope of work is limited to the lower level of the existing residence. The proposal includes the addition of two bedrooms which will be created by enclosing a portion of the existing covered patio. An interior remodel is also proposed. An Exception to Floor Area is requested to exceed the allowable floor area. Applicant: David Battenfield (Lundberg Design); Property Owner: Cliff Partners, LLC.

4. Consideration of proposed amendments to the Belvedere Municipal Code, including amendments to Title 19, Zoning, regarding Accessory Dwelling Units. The purpose of said amendments is to bring the Belvedere Municipal Code into compliance with recent amendments to State law.

5. Demolition, Design Review, Exception to Total Floor Area, Variance, Second Unit and Revocable License applications for 270 Beach Road. The project proposes to demolish the existing four story home and detached garage and construction of a new five story home with an attached garage including a second unit. The project requires an Exception to Total Floor Area because the house is proposed at 6,791 SF and 3,445 SF is permitted. The Variance is required to exceed the allowable lot coverage of 30 percent. The project proposes a lot coverage of 35 percent. The project proposes new fencing, landscaping and a hillavator on the south side of the property. Applicant: Aleck Wilson Architects; Property Owner: James and Hollie Haynes.

6. Design Review and Exception to Total Floor Area for an addition to the existing home located at 175 San Rafael Avenue. The project includes a 205 SF kitchen addition at the rear of the home. The addition will match the existing home which is wood shingles. New lights are proposed on the rear of the home. Applicant: Suzanna Bell; Property Owner: Christopher and Debbie Holland.

7. Design Review, Variance and Revocable License to construct a new retaining wall located at 330 Beach Road. The retaining wall is proposed on the lower portion of the lot in the City owned tide lot. The wall is proposed under the existing deck and will be approximately 46 feet in length and then returns up the hill for approximately 18 feet in length. The wall is proposed in concrete with a maximum height of 8 feet from grade. The retaining wall is proposed due to the slide on the property. Applicant: Sandra Sandoval- RWR Construction; Property Owner: Mai Dolch, 2002 Dolch Revocable Trust

8. Design Review, Demolition, Variance(s), Exception to Floor Area and Revocable License to demolish the existing carport in order to convert the existing carport into a garage at 40 Bayview Avenue. The proposed garage will be in the same general area of the existing carport but will be slightly larger in area than the existing carport (approx., 55 SF). A Variance is needed to encroach into the front and side yard setbacks and an Exception to Floor Area is requested to exceed the allowable floor area for the subject property. A Revocable License is needed for existing improvements to encroachment into the city right-of-way. Owner: Carlos & Stephanie Vasquez. Applicant: Tim Hachman.

NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN that at the above time and place, all letters received will be noted, and all interested parties will be heard. Please note that if you challenge in court any of the matters described above, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearing described in this notice, or in written correspondence delivered to the Planning Commission at, or prior to, the above-referenced public hearing [Government Code Section 65009(b)(2)]. Correspondence will be received up to the start of the meeting. Please submit any correspondence by December 11, 2017, for inclusion in the staff report distributed to the Commission before the meeting. Items will not necessarily be heard in the above order or, because of possible changes or extenuating conditions, be on the actual agenda. For additional information, please contact City Hall. 450 San Rafael Avenue, Belvedere, CA 94920 (415) 435-3838
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