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Utility Underground
Understanding the Undergrounding Process
Utility undergrounding is the process of removing existing overhead utilities, such as phone, cable, tv, internet and electricity, and replacing them with a system that is essentially underground. Removing overhead utilities eliminates the visual blight of utility polls and adds to the stability of the utilities' service.

The Belvedere City Council has been committed to the long-range goal of undergrounding all overhead utilities in the City.

Click here to see the most frequently asked questions regarding the undergrounding process (PDF).

Past Successful Undergrounding Projects
In 1999, Corinthian Island became the first undergrounding project in Belvedere. Shortly after the successful completion of the project, the Council appointed several prominent residents to the first Utility Undergrounding Committee. Within a year, two adjacent neighborhoods on Upper Beach Road were petitioning the council to form undergrounding assessment districts. These were ultimately combined and 59 parcels participated in the highly successful undergrounding project. The Madrona, Bella Vista, and Oak District (57 parcels) was completed in 2006. San Rafael Avenue (42 parcels) was completed in 2008. Lower Belvedere Avenue District (73 parcels) was completed in 2009. Bayview / Bella Vista (67 parcels) completed in December 2010. Mid-San Rafael (74 parcels) completed in 2010.

The most recent completed project was the Pine Avenue Undergrounding District (33 parcels). Construction began in November 2012, and the final work completed by the utilities was finished in March 2014, for a total of 16 months.

       Pine Avenue Before               Pine Avenue After
               Pine Avenue Before                           Pine Avenue After

Future Undergrounding Projects
There are currently two districts at various stages of the undergrounding process:
  • Laurel-Acacia District - The design phase in coordination with local utilities has been completed. Residents will vote to adopt the project at the end of August, 2018.
  • Golden Gate-Belvedere – This project is currently in the design phase. Construction is estimated to begin in late 2018 or early 2019.

Today, approximately 87% of the City has underground utilities. When the Acacia-Laurel District is completed, the total would rise to 94%.

Click here to view the status map of all the undergrounding districts in Belvedere (PDF).

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