Belvedere Parks, Open Spaces and Lanes Committee                     

Belvedere Parks, Open Spaces and Lanes Committee


  • The Committee shall meet four times a year during the third week of each fiscal quarter. 
  • City Hall
    450 San Rafael Avenue
    Belvedere, CA 94920-2336

Agendas & Minutes

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Term Began
Term Ends
Kathy Pearson6/1/20215/31/2024
Jean Bordon, Chair6/1/20215/31/2024
Anne-Marie Walker
Jena Watson6/1/20205/31/2023
Mario Valente6/1/20205/31/2023

City Council Representative - James Campbell
City Council Alternate Representative - Jim Lynch

About the Committee

This committee is comprised of residents who have an interest in landscaping. The Committee considers various projects-such as infrastructure improvements, landscaping, and memorial designations-that are proposed on City-owned property, including park areas, the playground, open space and median strips.