Street Maintenance

Street Sweeping

Only Public streets are swept during street sweeping operations. The City Of Belvedere is divided into 4 sweeping routes (as listed below and shown on the color coded map). Street sweeping occurs on Friday each week throughout the year (rain or equipment breakdown may change this schedule).  Each sweeping route is swept 1 time per month (additional sweeping may occur on months with 5 Fridays).

During Fall months (Nov - Jan) or inclement weather the sweeper may operate more frequently and on irregular days under the direction of the Public Works Director. This sweeping is in addition to the normal weekly sweeping route.  Additional sweeping assists crews in picking up leaf debris and prevents possible flooding that might occur due to plugged storm drains.

  • Route 1: Cove Road, Lagoon Road, San Rafael Avenue, Peninsula Road, Westshore Road, Edgewater Road, Windward Road, Leeward Road, Lower Beach Road, Community, Cove Road Place, Acacia, Maybridge Road and Hilarita Circle
  • Route 2: Upper Beach Road, Belvedere Avenue, Pine Avenue, Blanding Lane and Eucalyptus Road
  • Route 3: Golden Gate Avenue, Madrona Avenue, Britton Avenue, Tamalpais Avenue, North Point Circle, Alcatraz Avenue and Bellevue Avenue
  • Route 4: Bayview Avenue, Laurel Avenue, Oak Avenue, Marin Avenue, Bella Vista Avenue, Fern Avenue and Toyon


Information about road closures, road encroachments, and street maintenance projects can be viewed in the Public Works News Flash and Road Closure Calendar sections  of the website.

Street Sweeping Map