Belnet (PDF)


Belvedere Police Department “BELNET” -- Senior Citizens Telephonic Welfare Program

BELNET is a senior citizen welfare check program offered by the Belvedere Police Department for Belvedere residents.


Residents registered with BELNET receive a daily call from the Belvedere Police Department to find out how they are doing and if they need any assistance. A police officer will be immediately dispatched to the residence if contact cannot be made.


BELNET allows residents registered for the program, and their families, to have the peace of mind -- knowing that someone is in contact with them daily, should any special need arise.


Any Belvedere resident who wishes to register for the program can fill out a Confidential BELNET Form online and deliver it to the Police Department in person or via email. You can even call the Police Department at (415) 435-3266, and a police officer will fill out the BELNET Confidential Form for you.

The BELNET Confidential Form enables the Police Department to be aware of special needs (if any); names and phone numbers of neighbor/relatives; and location of a key to the house.

Click HERE to fill out the BELNET Confidential Form.