Planning Fees

Planning and Design Review Summary of Common Fees

Effective April 13, 2018

Architectural Consultant Deposit$2,500
Design Review Exemption$0
Permit Tracking/Technology Fee (Add to project DR fee)$26
Design Review - Staff Level$263
Design Review Exception$473
Design Review Planning Commission <500 sf$525
Design Review Planning Commission 501-1500 sf$1680
Design Review Planning Commission New Construction$3,360
Design Review Continuance (or applicant initiated redesign or revision)$523
Planning Commission Re-noticing Fee$105
Design Review application for a previously approved project1/2 Total Fees
Design Review Extension (1st time)$62
Design Review Extension (2nd and subsequent times)$263
Retroactive approval2 times total fees plus $500 min fine
Appeal of Planning Commission Action$523
Appeal of Staff Action$184
Conditional Use Permit$849
Demolition Permit (planning only)$261
Environmental Review (Initial Study)$2,500 plus current Co. and State filing fees
Environmental Review Deposit - EIR$5,000 plus current Co. and State filing fees
Exception to Total Floor Area$653
Lot Line Adjustment$653
Lot Merger$653
Reasonable Accommodations Requests for Disabled$473
Revocable License$392
Second Unit and Junior Second UnitFree
Second Kitchen Agreement$341
City Arborist Review$375


Disclaimer: the above fee table is provided for informational purposes only. Every effort is made to ensure its accuracy, however the City's Master Schedule of Fees, Charges, and Application Fees sets the official fee schedule for the City of Belvedere and will be used to determine your final fee payments.

Master Schedule of Fees, Charges, & Application Fees

Master Schedule of Fees, Charges, and Application Fees (PDF)

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