Find Your Block Captain

Know Who to Look to for Assistance

The Block Captain Program has designated precincts to encompass every home in the City of Belvedere. Each precinct has a Lead Block Captain and most have one or more Block Captains. These are volunteers who will act as the conduit between residents and emergency responders in the event of a disaster. Please click on your street name to see a list of your block captains. If you have any questions on how to contact your Block Captain, please email the City Clerk at

  1. Acacia Avenue
  2. Alcatraz Avenue
  3. Barn Road
  4. Bayview Avenue
  5. Beach Road
  6. Bella Vista Avenue
  7. Bellevue Avenue
  8. Belvedere Avenue
  9. Belvedere Way
  10. Blanding Lane
  11. Britton Avenue
  12. Buckeye Road
  13. Cliff Road
  14. Community Road
  15. Cove Road
  16. Cove Road Place
  17. Crest Road
  18. Eastview Avenue
  19. Edgewater Road
  20. Eucalyptus Road
  21. Fern Avenue
  22. Golden Gate Avenue
  23. Hilarita Circle
  24. Lagoon Road
  25. Laurel Avenue
  26. Leeward Road
  27. Madrona Avenue
  28. Mallard Road
  29. Marin Avenue
  30. Maybridge Road
  31. North Point Circle
  32. Oak Avenue
  33. Oak Place
  34. Pelican Point Road
  35. Peninsula Road
  36. Pine Avenue
  37. Pomander Walk
  38. San Rafael Avenue
  39. Tamalpais Avenue
  40. Tamalpais Circle
  41. Teal Road
  42. Toyon Avenue
  43. West Shore Road
  44. Windward Road

Acacia Avenue, Laurel Avenue, and Farley Place.

  • Judith Ward(Lead) 
  • Marci Valente(Lead)
  • Laura Blair