Coyote Awareness

Coyotes are common throughout North America, including in urban and suburban areas.  This is not a new issue for our community. The Marin Humane Society offered the following advice regarding coyotes that still holds true:Coyote standing in a field

  • Clear away bushes and dense weeds where rodents, reptiles, and insects dwell. The greater part of a coyote’s diet consists of these critters, so keeping them away and off your property will help keep the coyote at bay, too.
  • Since coyotes like meat and fish dishes, be sure to fasten garbage can lids tightly if one of these was on the dinner menu. Coyotes will also eat oats, vegetables and fruits, so dispose of these foods properly, too. Remove fallen fruit from underneath fruit trees.
  • Be sure to pick up your pet’s food dishes if you feed him/her outdoors. And, for safety's sake, keep your pet inside at night. Cats and small dogs can become quick prey when left outside unattended.
  • If you encounter a coyote in your yard, spray them with water from the hose or make loud noises to scare them away.
  • The mature coyote is a skilled hunter and has been known to prey upon deer. So, when planting a garden or shrubbery, pick deer-resistant plants to keep the deer away.
  • Never intentionally feed or befriend a coyote. In Marin it is illegal to feed wildlife.