Committee to Protect Belvedere's Seawalls, Levees, and Utilities

Agendas, Minutes & Audio

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Committee Members

  • Andrew Allen
  • Denise Bauer
  • Justin Faggioli
  • Glenn Isaacson
  • Ken Johnson
  • Larry Wheat
  • Bob McCaskill
  • Nancy Kemnitzer, City Council Representative
  • Jim Lynch, City Council Representative
  • Sally Wilkinson, City Council Alternate

About the Committee

The Committee was impaneled by the City Council in order to: 

  • Review current and future vulnerabilities to the City’s levee system and associated access routes, utilities and fire suppression systems.
  • Review recommendations from Stetson Engineers and others as to how best to protect the City and its residents from the effects of sea-level rise, storm events and seismic activity.
  • Consider opportunities to supplement protection activities with nature-based options that have proven useful in other locations, particularly in dealing with the effects of wave run up and storms.
  • Provide advice to the City Council as to how best to proceed.