Transparency - "RIPA"

What is RIPA?

The Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA) of 2015 (AB 953) requires state and local law enforcement agencies, as specified, to collect data regarding stops of individuals, including perceived demographic information on the person stopped, and to report this data to the California Department of Justice (DOJ) on an annual basis. Click HERE to view AB 953: The Racial and Identity Profiling Act of 2015

What data do we need to report per stop?

Article 3 of the 11 CCR 999.224 identifies the data elements to be reported, to include:

  • ORI number date, time, and duration of the stop
  • Location of stop
  • Perceived race or ethnicity of person stopped
  • Perceived gender of person stopped
  • Person stopped perceived to be LGBT
  • Perceived age of person stopped
  • Person stopped has limited or no English fluency
  • Perceived or known disability or person stopped
  • Reason for stop
  • Stop made in response to a call for service
  • Actions taken by officer during stop
  • Results of stop
  • Officer’s Identification (ID) Number
  • Officer’s years of experience
  • Type of assignment of officer

Click HERE for more detailed information on reportable data

RIPA DashboardRIPA Dashboard Opens in new window

Through collaboration with the Marin County Sheriff’s Office, we have implemented the Belvedere Police Department RIPA Dashboard that is updated in real-time. The Dashboard allows users to filter Belvedere Police stop data by date, perceived race, reason for stop, city of occurrence, result of stop, and whether the stop was related to a call for service.

How to read the RIPA Dashboard: You can utilize the filtering tools located at the top of the dashboard to refine your search results.

Total Number of Stops: Shows the number of individuals detained/stopped by BPD.

Percentage of Stops by Perceived Race: Shows the percentage of perceived race that were stopped by BPD. Place the cursor over the blue circle to see breakdown by race. The number and “_” symbol that precedes the race is an identifier only and does not represent the number of individuals by race. Race is coded by color.

1_Asian (yellow)

2_Black/African American (magenta)

3_Hispanic/Latino (aqua)

4_Middle Eastern or South Asian (orange)

5_Native American (green)

6_Pacific Islander (purple)

7_White (blue)

Number of Stops, Based on Reason for Stop: The number at the top of the blue bar graph represents the number of individuals stopped by Belvedere Police according to the reason for the stops.

Number of Stops per City: The name of the city where a Belvedere Police Officer made the stop (e.g., Belvedere, Tiburon, etc.).