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Belvedere California Notifications
Belvedere E-Newsletter
SEPTEMBER 30, 2015
In this Issue
From the City Manager
Mary Neilan

Winter is Coming!

A recent report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says there is a 95% chance that an El Niño weather pattern will emerge this year, last through the winter and into the spring, and result in above average rain and temperatures across much of California. The idea of a rainy winter is very appealing to many of us, as we struggle to keep gardens and parks alive amid drought conditions and water restrictions. But it also triggers a need to prepare so we’re not caught off guard if (or rather when) a major storm occurs.
Public Works Crew filling sandbags.
The Department of Public Works is tasked with maintaining the City’s infrastructure and facilities and takes their responsibility to insure the City is ready for the winter weather very seriously. Beginning in early fall, they focus their efforts on clearing the storm drains, silt basins and culverts that carry the rain water from the hillsides and streets to the Lagoon and Bay. Storm drain lines around the Lagoon are hydro-vacuumed once the Lagoon water level is lowered for the season, usually at the beginning of November. In addition to the regular weekly street cleaning, the sweeper is used from October to January to collect heavy leaf material in certain areas and is deployed to clean the storm drain inlets as needed. Monitoring and cleaning of the drains is done weekly throughout the winter months and crews pay special attention to “hot spots” around the City that require more frequent maintenance. Where facilities are shared between City and Town, efforts are coordinated to maximize efficiency.
Public Works crew cleaning storm drains.
Keeping the storm drain system clear and functioning is essential to preventing backups that may damage or threaten to damage private property. But the City is not the only contributor to this effort. The Belvedere Lagoon Property Owners Association (BLPOA) plays a critical role managing the water levels and drainage system in the Lagoon, an essential element of the City’s storm drain system. And each and every property owner and resident of Belvedere contributes as well, by clearing their property and street frontage of yard waste and other debris that could clog storm drains and impede storm water runoff. All these efforts are necessary and appreciated.
Street sweeping.
What about the hillsides? Is there a risk of slide during a storm due to the drought conditions? The City recently asked a consultant with the Geotechnical Engineering firm Miller Pacific to conduct a preliminary evaluation of a few of the most obvious areas of concern in Belvedere. He concluded that while none of the hillsides appeared to be at risk of slide or significant erosion, the loss of vegetation will result in more “sloughing off” when the top layer of soil is disturbed by wildlife (deer!) or heavy rains. Our crews watch for this and regularly clear away dirt and debris from the street before it makes its way to the storm drain. We will continue to do so throughout the winter, bringing in additional resources as necessary.

When a storm is eminent, in addition to readying all City equipment (vehicles, tools, barricades, generators, pumps) DPW fills hundreds of sandbags for use by Belvedere residents and makes them available at three sandbag stations: Lagoon Rd. near Tom Price Park, Community Road across from City Hall and West Shore Rd. These sandbags are available at no cost but we do ask that you return them when the stormy weather subsides.

And who is it that makes all this happen? Public Works Manager Scott Derdenger leads the effort with the help of a very hard working crew of three: Public Works Supervisor Gerhard Laufer, and Maintenance Workers Max Sandoval and Alberto Carranza. I am so proud of the work they do and the obvious commitment they have to this community. With this team in place, we can weather any storm!

Thank You Reed School District Parents and Students!
Yellow School Bus
The Yellow Bus Challenge received tremendous support from school district families, generating sales of nearly 1,300 one-way bus passes. And better yet, those passes are being used and early morning traffic on Tiburon Boulevard has improved considerably! The City, Town, and District are all so appreciative that parents and kids were willing to give the bus a try and we’re hopeful the enthusiasm and commitment to a “greener” mode of school transportation will continue.

Still to come are some traffic counts that will help quantify the program’s success and discussion around the more significant challenge of identifying a sustainable source of revenue to maintain the bus fare subsidy. But for now, please pat yourselves on the back and keep on riding!


Introducing New Belvedere Staff

Thinking of Pressure Washing?

Richardson Bay Audobon Center and Sanctuary Waters Winter Closing

Tiburon Half Marathon and 5K

Conversation on Sea  Level Rise

Music at Old St. Hilarys

Lyford House Tours 2015

Belvedere Community Foundation Photo Contest

Stand Up Paddle Board Race
Upcoming Meetings

City Council
October 10
6:30 PM

Parks and Open Space Committee Special Walking Tour
  October 8
3:30 PM

Planning Commission
October 20,
6:30 PM

Stay up to date on meeting times and cancellations and view agenda packets on the City's Website.

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Marin Transit Rte 219 Shuttle

Belvedere Welcomes Newest Member of City Staff!
Alberto Carranza
The City of Belvedere is delighted to introduce our new Maintenance Worker, Alberto CarranzaAlberto started working in the Public Works Department at the beginning of September and has found the City an enjoyable place to work.  His previous employment in the landscaping and construction industries have helped him develop a wide range of skills that make him an important asset for the Public Works Crew.

Alberto grew up in Petaluma and currently lives in San Leandro. In his free time he enjoys playing soccer.

Thinking of pressure washing your deck or driveway?
Pressure Washer
Cleaning activities can generate a significant quantity of wash water that may contain dirt, debris, soap, oil, grease, acid solution, solvents, paint chips, and metals. If you have someone perform the task, find out how they plan to collect, contain and/or treat wash water before you hire them. If you hire someone, or if you do the job yourself, remember to keep the wash water out of storm drains.

Before you - or surface cleaners - attempt to clean outside surfaces, do the following:

  • Sweep the area or use absorbents to clean up any small spills.

  • Plan to wash without soaps and solvents whenever possible. Even “biodegradable” cleaning agents can harm aquatic ecosystems.

  • Use berms, storm drain covers, containment pools or vacuums/pumps to keep wash water out of storm drains.

  • Dispose of wash water correctly and legally. Contact your local sanitary district to discharge to the sanitary sewer (Sanitary District #5, Belvedere/Tiburon, 415-435-1501). You can direct wash water to a landscaped area if it is free of hazardous materials, can be absorbed by the soil, doesn’t create any runoff, and leaves no debris or residue.

  • Take any unwanted cleaning products or chemicals from your residence to the Marin Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility at 565 Jacoby Street, San Rafael, Tuesday - Saturday 8:00 am to 3:30 pm.  For more information check-out or call 415-485-6806. For businesses make an appointment first by calling 415-485-5648.

Richardson Bay Audobon Center & Sanctuary
Closed to Motorized and Man-Powered Boats
Annual closure from October 1 through March 31 protects important migratory bird species
Richardson Bay Closure Area
Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary staff are reminding the local boating community that the Sanctuary waters are closed to all boat traffic and in-water activities (including kayaks & stand-up paddleboards, or SUPs) from October 1st through March 31st. The annual closure protects tens of thousands of migratory ducks, grebes, and shorebirds that use the bay for re-fueling on their southward travels, or while they over-winter right here on Richardson Bay, an ecological hotspot for birds, herring and eelgrass.

“This seasonal closure is unique in San Francisco Bay and is an important factor protecting local waterbirds,” said Kerry Wilcox, the Center’s Waterbird Program Manager. “Just one boat moving through a flock can cause the needless loss of significant energy reserves as the birds flee. Some of these species are known to be declining, and over-winter health can be a critical factor in determining reproductive success for these birds upon the return to their breeding grounds.”

The annual closure is mandated by an ordinance of the Marin County’s Richardson Bay Regional Agency.

Approximately 900 acres of bay waters are covered by the ordinance, extending south from the edge of the Cove housing complex to the tip of Strawberry Point, east to Belvedere and north to Blackie’s Pasture. Audubon manages this area as a wildlife sanctuary, focused on the waterbirds using the bay. The Sanctuary boundaries are designated by buoys and three permanent, marked pilings (black triangles on map RBACsanct.jpg, above).

No boats or watercraft--including non-motorized boats such as kayaks, canoes, paddleboards and sailboats--are allowed within the Sanctuary waters during this critical season for migratory birds. Violators may be fined by the Marin County Sheriff Department.

To celebrate the waterbirds of San Francisco Bay, the Center will be holding its 3rd Annual Waterbird Festival on February 6, 2016.  There will be field trips, speakers and exhibits, many of which will be free to the public.

The Richardson Bay Audubon Center and Sanctuary is located in Marin County. Primarily a Sanctuary providing habitat for migratory waterbirds and other wildlife, it also engages the community through conservation, restoration and education.

A 30-second PSA created by Audubon Youth Leaders is available here.

Fitbit Tiburon Half Marathon and 5K
Fitbit Tiburon 1/2 Marathon & 5K
Sunday, October 4, 2015

7:00 AM – Half Marathon Start
7:30 AM – 5K Start
8:00 AM – Kids Races

All races start and finish at
Tiburon Blvd. and Beach Rd.

Click here for more information.

OWL Project - Sea Level Rise

You’re Invited! A Community Conversation
On sea level rise and adaptation strategies in Marin

Thursday, October 8, 5:30 PM
Mill Valley Community Center, 180 Camino Alto

The virtual reality “OWL” sea level rise pilot project has come to a close and the “OWLs” have flown away.

Four months. Almost 4,000 recorded visitors. The leading demographic under 15yrs old. A majority of respondents are concerned about flooding, climate change and sea level rise, and want to get involved.  Marin, our community engagement is impressive.  Now that the pilot project on the Mill Valley-Sausalito multi-use path is over, you’re invited to take the next step: a community conversation about what we learned and what’s ahead. We will discuss the Here Now Us “OWL” project, and explore ways to tackle solutions to sea level rise together, as a community.

There are limited spaces available, so RSVP for the event today!

Music at Old St. Hilary’s – Joe Warner Trio
Sunday, October 11, 4:00 PM
Old St. Hilary’s Landmark, 201 Esperanza

Music at Old St. Hilarys - Joe Warner Trio
The San Francisco based Joe Warner Trio featuring bassist Marcus Shelby will be highlighting the evolution of jazz piano music of the last 100 years, drawing on music by Scott Joplin, Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, Erroll Garner, Ray Charles, Herbie Hancock, Ahmad Jamal and many others. Expect to hear familiar and beloved pieces and many more that will become new favorites.

Tickets are $15 & $20. Advance purchase available at the Landmarks Office, Tiburon Town Hall, and Brown Paper Tickets.

Tickets available at the door if not sold out in advance, starting at 3:30 p.m.  There is no parking at Old St. Hilary’s. Please park at the Boardwalk Shopping Center, 1550 Tiburon Blvd., and take a shuttle to the concert. Shuttle service begins at 3:30 p.m.

For more information, please call 1-415-435-1853 or visit

Final Lyford House Tour of 2015
Saturday, October 17, 10:00 AM  - 1:00 PM
Richardson Bay Audobon Center & Sanctuary

Lyford House

See the inside of the historic 1876 Victorian house that was moved from the Strawberry Peninsula to the present location in 1957 when the National Adudobon Society acquired the land from Rose de Fonta Verral, known locally as Rosie the Goat Lady due to the small goat herd she kept on the site. More information is available on the Audobon website.

Belvedere Community Foundation
14th Annual Online Digital Photography Contest
Submissions due by October 31, 2015
Belvedere Community Foundation Photo Contest
Professional and amateur photographers alike have enjoyed capturing the stunning nature of the Belvedere and Tiburon Peninsula in this annual event.

This year's photography contest, the 14th Annual, will be exhibited online 24 hours a day and will accept entries until October 31, 2015.

Last year we had 92 talented photographers submit nearly 200 beautiful images in six categories, using cameras and smartphones. This year we have six categories to choose from:

  • Architecture on the Peninsula
  • Events of the Peninsula
  • Wildlife on the Peninsula
  • Views of the Peninsula
  • People of the Peninsula
  • Life in Tiburon and Belvedere (Entrants age 5 to 18)

There will be a People’s Choice Award given to one photo in the contest. Any registered person can vote for what is in their opinion the best photo in each category. Each winner will be acknowledged at the final awards event to be held at Belvedere City Hall on November 12th.

Winning entries will be announced at the annual meeting of the Belvedere Community Foundation on November 12th and displayed at a one-time public reception to honor the entrants at the Belvedere City Hall, 450 San Rafael Avenue. For more information, please visit the Belvedere Community Foundation website.

Tiburon Waterfront Stand Up Paddle Board Race
Saturday, November 7, 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Sam’s Anchor Café, 27 Main Street

stand up paddle boarding
The Tiburon Waterfront Stand Up Paddle Board Race is a great day on the bay with courses suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced stand up paddle boarders. The race will start and end at Sam's Anchor Café in downtown Tiburon. The race proceeds along the Tiburon waterfront with incredible views of San Francisco, Angel Island and the Golden Gate Bridge. Come on out to enjoy incredible people, amazing views, test your skill and win some great prizes!

Please visit Tiburon Peninsula Chamber of Commerce online for course descriptions, eligibility requirements, and entry information.  The entry fee is $30 to race and includes coffee and bagels in the morning and great prizes, including an adjustable carbon fiber paddle from Desolation Outdoors. Cookies and water will be available for dogs at the event.

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