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Belvedere California Notifications
Belvedere E-Newsletter
MARCH 1, 2016
In this Issue
From the Mayor
Claire McAuliffe

Mayor Claire McAuliffe
Dear Neighbors,

Spring is springing and our beautiful city is delivering a bounty of life — trees blooming, daffodils popping, birds chirping and pelicans arriving for a breakfast feast in Belvedere Cove.  How fortunate we are.

Please join me in a rousing thank-you to 50 of you who volunteered to be a Block Captain in our Disaster Preparedness program.  Our former Mayor and this year’s Citizen of the Year, Tom Cromwell and his hard-working committee of Vice Mayor James Campbell, John Carapiet and Roger Felton, along with City Manager Mary Neilan, Police Chief Tricia Seyler, and Laurie Nilsen, our superb Emergency Operations person, have been spearheading this very important safety program which we all hope we will never need.  
Yellow Be Prepared Sign
Over the next few weeks, you will receive a visit from your Block Captain who will explain how the program can help you in an emergency.   I urge you to invest less than an hour and learn what this program is, how it works and how you will benefit by being better prepared for your own household and perhaps to help a neighbor.   In an emergency, those neighbors are your best source of support, and you will be the best source of support for them.  Neighbors helping neighbors.   We already do it.   Please take the next step and learn more.   

And while you’re at it, this is a great time for spring cleaning and to make sure those Get Ready! food, water and other supplies in your garage are fresh and, well, ready.  Mine were three years out of date!   That peanut butter didn’t look very appetizing.   Call Laurie Nilsen at 415-435-3838 if you need help on Get Ready! or our Block Captains project.  She’s ready to help.

A very Happy Spring to all.  On behalf of the Council and the City, thanks to all of you for making Belvedere the place we all appreciate and cherish.

Claire McAuliffe

Claire McAuliffe


Tax Season Protection Tips

MMWD's New Graywater Ordinance

Marin Master Gardeners Talks

The Ranch's Bunny Hop and Egg Scramble

Belvedere Clean & Green Day

The Ranch's Family Fun Day

Upcoming Meetings

Citizens' Flood Zone Committee
  March 9
6:30 PM

Parks and Open Space Committee
  March 10
4:00 PM

City Council
March 14
6:30 PM

Planning Commission
March 15,
6:30 PM

Stay up to date on meeting times and cancellations and view agenda packets on the City's Website.

Quick Links

  City's Website

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Bel-Tib Library

The Ranch (Recreation)

Reed Union
School Dist

Tiburon Peninsula Chamber of Commerce

County of Marin, 3rd District

Belvedere-Tiburon Landmarks Society

Belvedere Community Foundation

Marin Transit Rte 219 Shuttle

Tax Season Protection Tips

tax scan

With the tax season approaching, the Belvedere Police Department would like to remind residents to be vigilant in guarding their personal identifying information. In order for a criminal to file a fraudulent tax return with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the criminal needs to do three things: obtain the victim's name and social security number (SSN) and file a tax return before the victim.

Common scams used to obtain this information include phone calls where the call is purportedly from the IRS or other government agency. The scammers will demand a return phone call with your identifying information and will threaten “immediate action” to intimidate their victims. Other variations of this scam include emails asking for certain private information, such as a social security or bank account number, to receive an unclaimed tax refund. Lastly, mail theft in search of W-2s and other tax documents are more prevalent this time of year.

If you receive a phone call or email that appears suspicious, please contact the Belvedere Police Department at (415) 435-3266 for help.

Additional resources may be found at the following websites:
* (Federal Trade Commission)
California Department of Justice: Identity Theft

MMWD Adopts Graywater Ordinance to Promote Water Conservation
Marin Municipal Water District Logo
The Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) Board of Directors recently adopted an ordinance requiring applicants for new water service – and applicants requesting an enlarged water service for substantial residential or commercial remodels – to install a graywater recycling system to reuse the maximum practicable amount of graywater on site.

The new requirements supports the district’s ongoing efforts to reduce demand on the water supply during the current drought and beyond. The ordinance took effect on February 1, 2016.

Graywater includes wastewater from bathtubs, showers, bathroom sinks, and clothes washers. Instead of sending this water down the drain, graywater systems divert water from these sources for reuse on site, most commonly for landscape irrigation.

In addition to saving water, greywater reuse can provide other benefits for customers, including a reliable source of irrigation water during drought and greater awareness of water use. Keeping graywater on site also lessens the burden on local sewer systems.

MMWD’s ordinance targets new construction and remodels because installation of graywater plumbing and irrigation systems is most cost effective at these times. The additional costs to connect drain lines from showers, bathroom sinks, and laundry facilities is realitively small compared to overall construction costs.

Graywater systems are governed by California Plumbing Code as well as Marin County and local jurisdictional codes. Under state code, graywater does not include wastewater from kitchen sinks or dishwashers, or water contaminated by any toilet discharge.
In addition to the new ordinance, MMWD is promoting graywater reuse for all customers via rebates of up to fifty dollars for laundry-to-landscape graywater systems. Basic laundry-to-landscape systems typically don't require permits and require minimal alteration to existing plumbing, making them one of the simplest, least expensive ways to "go gray." For more information, please visit

Marin Master Gardener Talks
March 2, and April 6
Landmarks Art & Garden Center, 841 Tiburon Boulevard

Marin Master Gardeners Logo
Marin Master Gardeners will sponsor two talks at the Landmarks Art & Garden Center, 841 Tiburon Boulevard, on March 2nd, and April 6th. Each one-hour talk starts at 10:00 AM, and admission is free.
MARCH 2ND:  Marin Master Gardener Diane Lynch will discuss "Mini Succulent Gardens." Succulents are attractive easy-care, low-water plants that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Lynch will demonstrate how to incorporate these versatile plants into mini gardens, using common household objects like teacups and cookie tins as containers.
mini succulent garden
Lynch has been a Master Gardener in Marin since 1999 and previously was one in Texas. She has been writing a gardening column for The Ark newspaper on the Tiburon Peninsula since 2002 and has been a long-time contributor to the weekly Master Gardener column in the Marin Independent Journal.
APRIL 6TH:  Marin Master Gardener Lois Stevens will discuss "Getting to the Root of the Matter: Deep Watering for Healthy Plants." In a time of water restrictions, it's important to know how to water our landscapes most effectively. This talk will provide home gardeners with an overview of why deep infrequent watering is recommended for maintaining healthy plants. Stevens will focus on root depths and their uptake of water and nutrients. She will explain efficient watering practices for Marin's climate and soil conditions.
Stevens has been a Marin Master Gardener since 2008 and has been gardening for nearly 50 years. She chairs the Master Gardener Help Desk service in Novato and has trained new Master Gardeners in diagnosing plant problems.In her professional life, Stevens was a civil engineer and project manager on highway and transportation projects for 30 years.

Fore more information, please contact Faith Brown at

The Ranch Presents
Bunny Hop & Egg Scramble
Belvedere Community Center & Park
Sunday, March 20th, 2016
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

polka dot easter eggs in the grass
There are 4 egg hunts during the event, grouped by age:
10:30 AM – 2 years & under on the grass, AND
                   4 & 5 year olds on the playground
11:15 AM – 2 & 3 year olds on the grass AND
                 6 years & up on the playground

Ticket Options:

                          $1 Activity Ticket
                               $5  Egg Hunt Bracelet
 All Inclusive Bracelet
(includes 1 egg hunt, 2 rounds of Candyland
 and UNLIMITIED Carnival games,
bounce house, crafts & face painting)

Carnival Activities Include:
Carnival games, Bounce House, Face Painting,
 Life-Sized Candyland, Music, Crafts, and more!
Redeem 1 ticket per activity or flash your all-inclusive bracelet!

Call The Ranch at 415-435-4355 to purchase tickets beginning Tuesday, March 1st at 9:00 AM.

Belvedere Community Foundation's
Clean and Green Day

Saturday, April 23, 2016
10:00 AM – Noon

Clean and Green Day
Please join us for a community clean up day at one of the following project sites:
  • Community Park Playground
  • Beach Road along the SFYC parking lot
  • Lagoon Road across from The Belvedere Sailing Society Boathouse
Please bring your own work gloves.

For more information, visit

The Ranch’s Family Fun Day Event!
Saturday, April 30, 2016
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Belvedere Community Center & Park

The Ranch logo
Let’s have a Family Fun Day and play new field games for kids and grownups alike.

Featuring two or three new games per hour, game designers from the Bay Area and beyond will create an inclusive experience of play that offers a new and unique wave of fun, giving participants the opportunity to experience play through a new lens. All games last 10 – 15 minutes, with little to no set up and can be easily played over and over again.

Play games, listen to live music, eat and drink, win prizes, and have the best Saturday ever! Bring the whole family to this unforgettable event! This is a FREE community event.  

Please RSVP on The Ranch’s Facebook page.

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