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Belvedere California Notifications

May 20, 2011
Belvedere Notifications

Welcome to the City's "New" E-Newsletter - Belvedere Notifications!  This new electronic newsletter integrates with the City's website filled with community alerts, notifications, publications, tools, and resources for you to peruse.   The new format is a change from the older style newsletter and might take some getting used to - particularly for me - but we think over time it will be a significant enhancement and it will allow the City's electronic communications to be fully integrated into the website - at the end of the day, it will give you, the user, far more choices and options in how you get your information from the City.

The City was and is a pioneer in how we get information out to the community and the community has responded with a significant subscription rate to the E-News.  Thank you for your support!  We're taking another step forward with the new style and we will again be at the forefront of transparency and community awareness options.  Thank you for all your support and bear with us as we make the transition.

How Belvedere Notifications & Belvedere E-Notifications Are Designed
The City's new website integrates three (3) key features that will get information directly to you on whatever topic you wish to subscribe to receive. 

E NewsletterThe first, is the "Newsletter" on the City's website.  This section allows you to view recent news releases on key topics, such as Emergency Preparedness, Public Works (road closures, encroachments), Planning (new projects, hearing notices), Building (permits issued, code changes), Police, Fire, Recreation, etc.  We will reproduce short articles in the E-Notification Newsletter and link you back to the website for the details.

Notify MeNext is "Notify Me" - Notify Me allows you to sign up to receive notifications about virtually anything that gets updated on the City's website.  These include the Newsletter categories from above, updates to the City's meeting calendar, job postings, agendas, bid postings, community alerts (see next section), and so much more! 

Community AlertsLastly, is the "Community Alerts" section.  The Alerts section allows you to view (and receive via email or text message) alerts and emergency posting on issues affecting the local.  You get instant notification of an Emergency Road Closure, Police alerts, Fires, etc.  When there is a "Community Alert" this area of the website will be updated and there will be a banner across each of the website pages scrolling the Alert information.  If you subscribe to Community Alerts you get instant notification via email or text message or both - you choose.

The City's E-Newsletter (re-titled "Belvedere Notifications") - the one you are reading now - contains the same subscriber list and it is one of the options you can "subscribe" to on the City's website.  Its new design will involve shorter articles (easier to read on mobile devices) and links back to the City's website for more in-depth information.  Not every news release will be included in Belvedere Notifications and we will continue to "personalize" the releases as has been our tradition. 

Now, on to my most favorite addition to the site...the Request Tracker.

Request Tracker
Request TrackerThe Request Tracker is available on the City's website and available as a mobile application to allow a user to report information to the City for follow-up.  Eventually, you will be able to report virtually anything - downed trees, dark street lights, blocked drains, code enforcement issues, etc.  With Request Tracker you provide basic information on the situation - a brief description, a location, and your contact information - and as the City investigates and follows-up, we update the records - and YOU get notified.  Simple as that.  This is one of my favorites.  PLUS, it is also available for a mobile device so that you can do the same thing using the GPS on your mobile device and send in a photo. 

We're going to keep this edition short and will release another edition next Thursday back to regular articles.  In the interim, take some time and visit the City's website - - see what's there and see what's not.  Let us know what's missing and what needs to be changed.  For the first few months it will likely be a work in progress as we work out the kinks.  It will take us a bit longer to re-connect the audio, to upload new media, and to re-create the online Municipal Code - but we'll get there. 

Thanks for being a part of the City's E-Notifications! 


George Rodericks
City Manager
City of Belvedere

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