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Belvedere E-News
March 24, 2011

In This Issue
It's Not Just The Water...
Anna Maria Mendieta Concert
Clean & Green Day - April 3
Lyford Drive Parking Lot Project Initial Study
Walk Your History Coming Fast!
Infiltration and Inflow 101
Year of the China Cabin
2011 Wine Festival Tickets
Easton Point Draft EIR Comments Requested
Upcoming Roadway Encroachments
Upcoming Road Closures
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City Council
April 11, 2011
7:30 p.m.

Historic Preservation
None Scheduled

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Planning Commission
 April 19, 2011
6:30 p.m.

Citizens' Flood Zone Committee
April 13, 2011
6:30 p.m.

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It's Not Just The Water...
HIllside Hillside Saturation

Landslides can occur when soil is over-saturated, causing instability on hillsides.  Saturated steep slopes may give way and pose a threat to the area on and near the hillside.  Landslides may occur as a secondary hazard after an earthquake or a severe storm

Factors that can increase the likelihood of a landslide include:
  • soil erosion/makeup
  • improper hillside drainage
  • intense periods of precipitation
  • lack of vegetation
  • improper development and drainage practices

As you survey your property following the rain or property surrounding yours pay attention for any areas where there has been a sudden downward movement of a mass of soil from a cliff or steep slope.  After the rainfall, hillside can remain saturated for several days.  There are occasions when a slope failure gives no warning or sign of an impending catastrophe.  Other times, you can visually inspect a slope and see tension cracks along the surface of the slope typically running parallel to the slope face.  Other signs to look for include:


  • Is the slope sloughing off in large chunks because of the angle or height of the slope?
  • Look at any trees on the slope.  Are they growing straight or are they leaning downhill?  Leaning fences, walls or vegetation often means there may be soil movement.
  • Look for water springs seeping out of the hillside.   
  • Look for "steps" of soil down the slope.  This is where chunks of earth have broken loose in the past and moved partially down the hillside and stopped.   

There are some areas of Belvedere that may be more susceptible to hillside slippage than others.  Most of these areas are easily identifiable.  If you suspect that there may be significant soil slippage occurring near you or if you see significant slippage elsewhere, please contact the City Engineer or Public Works Offices at 415.435.3838.   


The City can repair and protect areas of damage on public property and can advise residents if there may be a need to seek advice from a civil or geotechnical engineer for private property issues.


National Weather Service Advisories 


The National Weather Service has extended the urban and small stream flood advisory for the County.  Excess runoff from rainfall is expected to continue to cause ponding of water in urban areas, highways, streets, and underpasses, as well as other poor drainage areas. 

The rain system will continue through Thursday night with a strong wind advisory as well.  Large waves will continue in coastal areas into Friday night.  The active weather system is expected to continue rain through until Saturday. 

Be aware and be careful.
Concerts OSH 

Anna Maria Mendieta


March 25 

@ 8 pm

Old St. Hlary's Landmark
201 Esperanza, Tiburon

Harpist Anna Maria Mendieta and Tango del Cielo present the passionate and sensuous music of the Argentine Tango, featuring strings, percussion, tango and flamenco dancers.  


Clean & Green Front
In honor of Belvedere Community Foundation's 20th Anniversary, please join us for "Clean and Green Day"!

Be a part of litter brigades and beautification projects at parks, lanes and designated locations around Belvedere.  All your hard work will be followed by a picnic in the park hosted by Belvedere Community Foundation.

For more information, contact James Campbell at 309.0619 or

Lyford Drive Parking Lot Project
IS Lyford Drive Town Planning Division Requests Public Comment on Project

The Town of Tiburon Planning Division requests public comment on a new multi-modal parking lot in the location of an unpaved, informal parking area adjacent to the bicycle path along Tiburon Boulevard, at the intersection with Lyford Drive.  The potential impacts of the project on area traffic, parking, aesthetics and other environmental resources has been described in a draft report entitled, "Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Lyford Drive Multi-Modal Parking Lot."  

A copy of the report is available at Belvedere City Hall and Tiburon Town Hall.  The deadline for comments is April 13, 2011 and comments received after that time may not be considered.  For more information, please contact Pierce Macdonald, Planning Manager at 415.435.3838.

Lyford Drive Lot
Making Tracks for 2011 Walk Your History
WYH Title BarMay 7, 2011 - Walk Your History Day

The City of Belvedere, Town of Tiburon, Belvedere Community Foundation, Tiburon Peninsula Foundation, Belvedere-Tiburon Recreation, and Belvedere-Tiburon Landmarks have again joined forces to bring you
This year there are two sponsored walks through Belvedere and Tiburon.  Each walk is dotted with Living History Docents at Historic Hot Spots in both communities.  The walks begin and end at Belvedere Community Park and culminate with a picnic lunch, music, and fun!

The Belvedere Loop will focus on the historic Belvedere Golf Course and Club House.  The Tiburon Loop will highlight the China Cabin, the Boating Clubs, Miwok Indian Shell middens and Old St. Hilary's!
Infiltration and Inflow 101
Excess water, essentially clean water, that flows into sewer pipes from groundwater and stormwater is called infiltration and inflow or I&I for short. 

Infiltration and inflow is a significant issue that can be costly for communities.  Significant infiltration and inflow can decrease the efficiency and capacity of a wastewater collection and treatment system.  It contributes to hydraulic overloading of treatment processes and can cause back-flooding of sewers into streets and private properties.  From a fiscal perspective, infiltration and inflow can increase the annual operating costs of a collection system and treatment facility by adding to the necessary run time for pumps, pump stations, energy use, maintenance, and repairs. 
I&I Image

So what is it?

Infiltration occurs when groundwater seeps into sewer pipes through cracks, leaky joints or deteriorated manholes.  Inflow is by far the largest problem and occurs in direct proportion to rainfall.  Typical inflow sources are water from rain leaders, basement sump-pumps, or foundation drains illegally connected directly to a sanitary sewer pipe.  Sump pumps, foundation drains and rain leaders should be connected directly to a storm drain system or drain directly onto the ground for diversion into a storm drain system, not directly to the closed sanitary sewer system. 

What you can do:  Contact your Sanitary District Office at 415.435.1501 for an appointment with District Staff to meet with you at your property to suggest measures you can take to help prevent infiltration and inflow and to make sure that roof drains are not connected to your private sewer lateral or to public sewer lines. 
Year of the China Cabin - Landmarks Making History
China CabinHonoring 1st Japanese Colony to Arrive in America - Special Display - throughout April at the China Cabin

The Belvedere Tiburon Landmarks Society will be displaying an exhibit that tells the story of the first Japanese colony that sailed to America on the paddle steamer China in 1869.  Gold had been discovered only 20 years earlier, and California was now the frontier of opportunity.  The original colony of eight farmers, craftsmen and Samurai came from Japan's Aizu-Wakamatsu colony.

2011 Wine Festival
2011 Wine FestivalTiburon Wine Festival
Saturday, May 14 - 1 pm to 4 pm

Going to the 2011 Wine Festival?  Get your tickets now at the Chamber of Commerce Office!  Located in one of the most picturesque waterfront communities in the world, the Tiburon Wine Festival is considered one of the Bay Area's premiere wine events! Breathtaking views, world-class wines (vintages from over 60 premium wineries), with many of the wines being tasted by the public for the first time. Complementary cuisine from over 20 restaurants and chefs, a fabulous silent auction, and live entertainment.
Remember, last year the event sold out nearly 3 weeks in advance - so, get your tickets now - $65 per person.

For more information, contact the Chamber of Commerce at 435-5633 or visit the Wine Festival website - 

Tiburon Wine Festival

Easton Point EIR Comments
Easton EIR County of Marin Requests Public Comments on EIR

The County of Marin Community Development Agency is requesting public comment on the development of 32 to 43 homes on land known as Easton Point in unincorporated Tiburon. 

A review of the potential impacts to existing traffic congestion, plants, animals, normal noise levels and other environmental resources have been described int eh draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the project.  The draft EIR is available at Belvedere City Hall and on the web at

The deadline for comments is April 29, 2011 and comments received after that time may not be considered.
Easton Point


Upcoming Roadway Encroachments

  • 3/24 at 32 Cove Road for Stone Deliveries/Fork Lift Activity
  • 3/28 - 3/29 at 276 Beach Road for Insulation Truck 
  • 3/30 - 3/31 at 10 Fern Avenue for Moving Vehicles and Activity 
  • 4/1 - 4/7 at 13 Leeward for Trenchless Sewer Repair
  • 3/7 - 7/31 at Laurel & Leeward & San Rafael for Utility Underground Work   
Upcoming Road Closures

  • Road Closed3/24 from 9 am to 4 pm on Bayview Avenue between Laurel & Beach for Utility Undergrounding Work; Emergency Contact: Kevin Roberts 707.778.3202
  • 3/31 from 9 am to 4 pm on Bayview between Laurel & Beach for Utility Undergrounding Work; Emergency Contact: Kevin Roberts 707.778.3202
  • 4/6 from 9 am to 4 pm at 276 Beach Road for Water Meter Upgrade 


UTILITY POLE REMOVAL:  Beginning the week of March 24, PG&E is expected to begin wrecking out the utility poles on Bayview Avenue.  Road closure details are still being worked out in an attempt to lessen the immediate neighborhood impacts.  It is likely that while work progresses, PG&E will have "moving" road closures.


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George Rodericks
City Manager
City of Belvedere