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Belvedere California Notifications

June 23, 2011
Belvedere E-Notifications

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  Surviving News Flash Inundation

I'm one of those "always on" types - you know, the one's that check their smart phone for email every 30 seconds (except while driving, of course).   I'm often at work, whether in the office or at meetings, easily 60 hours a week.  Then, during what's left of the evening hours and the weekend, with the smart phone, laptop, and/or iPad never far from my reach, I clock another 5 or 6 hours.  Email for me, and for people like me, is a vital component of the information stream and I almost feel like I'm missing something when I can't check in.  I receive an average of 200-250 emails a day - low by some standards.  This does not include the more traditional print media, which continues to hum along at its usual level as well.  A large set of these emails are direct connection emails to which I must reply and/or interact in some way.   But, another set of these emails are subscription-based.  These are emails to which I have subscribed that provide updated information on areas of my interest, both personal and professional...

What's Below
In This Week's

  • Information on the July Concerts in the Park Event

  • Details on the 2011 Art Festival

  • Sign-up for the 2011 Golf Tournament

  • Mark Your Calendar for A Night in Venice

  Mail For example, I am subscribed to several emergency preparedness and homeland security sites that provide intelligence information as well as information on available grants and program data.  Good information to peruse, but honestly, the number of seemingly relevant emails can get overwhelming.  But there is simply no way that I can eliminate one or more of these sources of information  because for me, they all contain vital bits of data that I have come to rely upon (spoken like a true information junkie)

Email FolderSo - my email inbox is organized to the point of eccentricity.  Using my email program rules (for me it's Mac Mail with Mailtags), daily work-related emails are automatically sorted and tagged for follow-up, junk email is automatically moved to a separate folder, and subscription based emails are categorized by sender and automatically moved to a "read" folder.  Then, after I've gone through my immediate reply/response emails I move to the read folder to peruse the subscription-based blogs, news flashes, notifications, and other emails that I have received based on their topic.

So why am I telling you the details of my email idiosyncrasies?    Well, it's because the City's News Flashes are just such subscription-based emails.  Each email contains information that may be valuable to anyone in the community.  But, receipt of these emails can be overwhelming to anyone that doesn't have an organized email structure and as a result, one might "un-subscribe" in order to lessen the impact on their electronic inbox.

Emails from the City's web-based notification services come from ""  When you subscribe to the various News Flashes, Calendars, E-Notifications, Alerts, etc. you must setup your spam filter to allow emails from "" as a trusted sender.  Without this key step, emails will either end up in your junk or spam folder or be automatically deleted based on your email program settings.  Once you've set it up as a trusted sender, you can then create rules and folders to automatically move the emails into folders so that you can review them later at your leisure, thus freeing up space in your inbox - and your daily routine. 

So - sign-up for all of the City's notifications - everything from Capital Projects to Admin to the Calendar to E-Notifications - to Alerts.  We generally send out information that is of general community interest.  Setup your folders and file away!  (Just don't forget to read them later.)   


George Rodericks
City Manager

Concerts in the Park
July Concert - July 17 - 4 pm - 6 pm
Belvedere Community Park, Belvedere

This is the 14th Year of Concerts!  This year's season features tributes to Johnny Cash, Santana, Michael Jackson, and the Big Band Swing!
  The Concerts-in-the-Park Committee is proud to present four fabulous and FREE Sunday afternoon concerts for your enjoyment this coming summer.  Please join us for every concert in Belvedere Community Park from 4 pm to 6 pm. 

All of the concerts are FREE to the public, and sponsored by individual and community tax deductible donations.  The Committee thanks the City of Belvedere and the Belvedere Community Foundation for their support for the last 13 years.  The Concerts Committee consists of Belvedere volunteers:  Anne Butler, Nancy Cappelloni, Christina Decker, Tina Dewey, Jack Doyle, Ginny Doyle, Roger Felton, Nena Hart, Maureen Johnson, Cissy Kirrane, Jeffery Stein, and Petey Stein.

Bring a blanket, a picnic, your family and friends, and have a great time! 
This second concert is set for Sunday, July 17 at 4 pm: 
Santana Tribute Band Poster
Santana Tribute Band

2011 Tiburon Art Festival
2011 Art Festival
August 27 & 28
Ark Row, Main Street

Get ready for the 5th Annual Tiburon Art Festival on Historic Ark Row!

  • 64 Juried Artists
  • Live Music!
  • Family Entertainment & Activities!
  • Wine! Beer! & Champagne!

All steps away from the waterfront of the San Francisco
Bay!  Entry fee is a $5 suggested donation per adult and children 12 and under are FREE!

Visit the Festival Website for more details!

Tiburon Library PhotoBelvedere-Tiburon Open
Golf Tournament
Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do you golf?  Do you enjoy a good day on the links?  Do you enjoy the company of friends? Competitors?  A good cause?

How about playing in the 2011 Belvedere-Tiburon Open Golf Tournament?  This year the beneficiary is the Belvedere-Tiburon Library - nothing like a good book!  Or an E-book! 

Play!  Sponsor!  Volunteer!
  We'd love to have you! 

For more information, contact City Hall at (415) 435-3838 or the Library at (415) 789-2665.  You can also download a
Sponsorship Form or a Player Registration Form here!

A Night in Venice PosterA Night In Venice
October 8, 2011
China Cabin, Beach Road, Belvedere

This year's annual Landmarks event reaches back into the history of Belvedere and Tiburon to return Venice to the Beach Road Canal!  This magical celebration of song and lights first appeared in Belvedere in 1894 - that's right - 1894!  The breathtaking event spread across several days and involved nearly everyone in the community.  

Set to return in October 2011 for one night only, Landmarks invites you to visit Venice along Beach Road with music, food, celebration, lights, strolls along the canal, and yes, even gondola rides!  Mark your calendar now, October 8, 2011 - don't miss out!

For more details, visit the Landmarks website or call the Landmarks Offices at (415) 435-1853.

Thanks for being a part of the City's E-Notifications!  E-Notifications are a resource of public information produced and distributed by the City of Belvedere. 


George Rodericks

City Manager
City of Belvedere



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