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Belvedere California Notifications

  December 16, 2011
Belvedere E-Notifications

City Hall Holiday Hours

City Hall is CLOSED for the holidays on Friday, December 23, Monday, December 26 and Monday, January 2.  Construction work pursuant to a City Building Permit is not permitted on Monday, December 26 and Monday, January 2.  

Join the Community
with "Nextdoor"
Nextdoor Enables Residents to Communicate Online in a Private Secure Environment designed to Build Stronger, More Connected Communities...

The City is now using Nextdoor (, the first private social network for neighborhoods, to foster neighbor-to-neighbor and city-wide communication. Starting now, Belvedere residents can use Nextdoor to create private websites for their neighborhoods where they can get to know their neighbors, ask questions, and exchange local advice and recommendations. Topics of discussion on Nextdoor are as varied as local events, school activities, plumber and babysitter recommendations, disaster preparedness, recent crime activity, upcoming garage sales or even lost pets.  Our primary focus will be disseminating information for emergency preparedness and neighborhood watch - but you can use it for just about any connection you want to make.

"Belvedere is a very unique community that communicates well at every level. Communication is one of the many tools that takes an average community and makes it stronger", said City Manager, George Rodericks. "Nextdoor is an excellent tool that will help elevate our communication even more creating a stronger, safer, and more connected community."

Nextdoor was specifically designed to make neighbors feel comfortable sharing information with one another to help build stronger communities and building stronger communities is a huge priority for Belvedere. All members must verify that they live within the neighborhood. Information shared on Nextdoor is password- protected and cannot be accessed by those outside the neighborhood or found on Google or other search engines. In addition, Nextdoor never shares personal information with any third parties. Unlike an email listserv or other online group, neighbor posts are organized and archived for future reference.

As I always like to say, especially when it comes to disaster preparedness and response, " a good neighbor is better than a far away friend," Laurie Gordon, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for Belvedere.  Making the connection with your neighbors before a disaster and making plans to help each other out when needed is crucial. Nextdoor is a great way to do this.

Those interested in joining their neighborhood's Nextdoor website can visit and enter their address.  There is a verification process before you can get started, but once you're in - you're IN!

Annual Town Meeting
Meeting Set for January 23, 2012

The Annual Town Meeting is set for January 23, 2012 at 7 pm.  Mark you calendars!  In addition to the Citizen of the Year and Citizen Emeritus Awards, there will be a State of the City presentation by the Mayor and City Manager.  Of keen interest by then will be the Land Use Recommendations from the Planning Commission to the City Council on changes to development standards applicable to properties in the FEMA Flood Zone.

Also scheduled prior to the Town Hall Meeting will be an unveiling of the new Electric Vehicle Charging Stations set to be installed in November/December.

Belvedere Connects
Thursday, January 12, 2012
Belvedere Council Chambers
10 am to 12 pm

The Belvedere Community Foundation invites you to the 2nd Annual Belvedere Connects - Connecting Belvedere residents with local volunteer opportunities.

RSVP:  Claire McAuliffe, or 415-250-8218

Come learn about how you can connect with these fantastic local organizations supported by the Belvedere Community Foundation:

*Tiburon Peninsula Village
*Senior Access:  Adult Club for Folks with Memory Loss
*Disaster Preparedness in Belvedere
*Belvedere's Clean & Green Day
*Blackie's Garden at Blackie's Pasture
*Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary


George Rodericks
City Manager

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BayGuide.jpgBay Friendly Gardening Guide
Available As A Download

Recently, pursuant to State law, the City Council adopted the Marin Municipal Water District's Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance. For more details on the Ordinance, contact the City's Planning Department; but, for tips on Bay Friendly Gardening...Download a copy of Bay-Friendly Gardening: From Your Backyard to the Bay!  The Guide was presented to the City Council during adoption of the Ordinance as a way to help educate the community about water conservation issues. Via the site, you can also find tips on composting, choosing appropriate plants, lawn care, mulch basics, water conservation and more!

There will be more educational material prepared and distributed by both the Water District and the City on the Ordinance itself. But in the mean time, visit the site as well as the District site ( for online educational materials. In brief, the Ordinance requires Water District review of irrigation projects of a particular size and/or those done via a licensed contractor. The plan review by the District is free of charge and will be worked into any City-required review timeline and process. Listen to the audio on the City's website of the December 12, 2011 City Council Meeting where a representative from the District spoke on the Ordinance and its implementation (

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10' Parking Clearance Requirements
Narrow Streets and Pavement Markings

Recently, the police department has received numerous complaints from residents and visitors that vehicles are parked in violation of the 10' parking clearance requirements.  The City has made attempts to educate the public with warnings on vehicles and also with information on our city’s website.  We have stopped short of proactively citing these vehicles, but when we receive a specific complaint, we are issuing citations. The City works vigorously to have as many designated spots on the island as we can.  Many spots will not fit a full size car or truck and have received citations as such.  Staying within the lines allows clearance for emergency vehicles, passing vehicles and visibility for oncoming vehicles. 

Officers will be issuing citations for these violations. The ordinance carries a $100 fine. Please park carefully to allow residents and emergency vehicles access when driving on the island.  A downloadable copy of the Ordinance is available here.

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Thanks for being a part of the City's E-Notifications!  E-Notifications are a resource of public information produced and distributed by the City of Belvedere.  To sign-up for more, visit the Notify Me section of the City's website.

Sincerely ,

George Rodericks
City Manager
City of Belvedere

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