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Belvedere California Notifications

   July 19, 2012
Belvedere E-Notifications

Senior Access Club.jpg

Seeking Community Members for Senior Access, Marketing Task Force
St. Stephen's Church

Senior Access is forming a task force composed of Belvedere and Tiburon residents to work with the Senior Access, Marketing Committee to expand its education and marketing campaign to promote the Senior Access program in Belvedere and Tiburon. They plan to meet once a month for the next four months.

Senior Access is Marin's only Adult Day Services provider based in Terra Linda. Two years ago they established a satellite program in Belvedere located at St. Stephen's Church. The program is also known as Marin's Favorite Social Club for Folks With Memory Loss. The Belvedere Community Foundation granted Senior Access seed funding for this wonderful program which is currently underutilized.

If you or any of your Tiburon Peninsula friends are interested in contributing ideas whether or not you have a background in marketing, please contact either, Belvedere Community Foundation President, Jill Einstein (, 415-722-3638) or Senior Access Executive Director, Cris Chater (, 415-491-2500, ext. 11.) We would love to have your input.

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Counci_Chambers.JPGSpecial Meeting of the Planning Commission
Study Session - Land Use and Design Review Changes

On Tuesday, July 24, 2012 at 6:30 p.m., the Planning Commission of the City of Belvedere will hold a special meeting at 450 San Rafael Avenue, Belvedere, California, to consider actions including the following:

  • Feedback from the Stakeholder Meetings held with the Planning Commission Design Review and Zoning Sub-Committee in May and June of 2012. CEQA status: unknown. Applicant and Property Owner: Citywide.

Come and join the discussion on design review and zoning changes and hear the feedback from the recent Stakeholder Meetings held with the Planning Commission Sub-Committee.  No action will be taken at the Public Meeting as it is only a Study Session continuing to gather feedback and start the discussion amongst the full Commission.  The Commission will ultimately make a recommendation of changes for the City Council's consideration.

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The Breeze.jpgSign Up for "The Breeze"
Spare The Air Newsletter - Calling A "Spare the Air" Day

The Air District has a team of meteorologists that look at weather patterns, temperatures, wind speeds and pollution levels to determine the following day's air quality forecast. If air quality is expected to exceed national air quality standards, the Air District issues a Spare the Air Alert.

A Spare the Air Alert lets the public know that air quality is expected to be unhealthy and that they should take measures to protect their health, such as not exercising during the hottest part of the day.

A Spare the Air Alert is also a call to action. We ask residents to reduce their driving by walking, biking, carpooling or taking transit to work twice a week.  Transportation is the largest source of air pollution in the Bay Area. We must reduce the number of cars and trucks on the road to make a dent in our air pollution. 

A Spare the Air Day is a wake-up call that we need re-think our driving habits and find alternatives to driving solo.  Spare the Air has become a familiar phrase for many Bay Area residents. The Bay Area Air District has been calling Spare the Air Alerts for twenty years in an effort to protect the public's health and reduce air pollution. But Spare the Air is more than just a common phrase - it's a call to action!

In the summertime, ground-level ozone (or smog) is formed when hot temperatures combine with motor vehicle exhaust. Both soot and smog are hazardous for your health. That's why it's important to check the Air District's daily air quality forecast every day.

To prepare the daily air quality forecast, Air District meteorologists examine weather patterns throughout the region, and analyze data from air quality monitoring stations. The forecast is then issued using the U.S. EPA's color-coded Air Quality Index, which gives the public easy-to-understand information about daily air pollution levels.

When air quality is expected to reach unhealthy levels, the Air District will issue a Spare the Air Alert. Smog is a preventable pollutant, doing things like cutting back on driving and the use of other gasoline powered equipment can make a substantial difference in the amount of pollution that occurs. You can get the daily air quality forecast by calling the Air District's 24-hour toll-free information line, 1-800-HELP AIR, or by signing-up for EnviroFlash e-mail alerts.

For more information or to sign up for "The Breeze" here!

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Emergency Contact Forms

Gentle reminder Belvedere residents, if you have already received your emergency contact form form your local Block Captain please take a few moments to fill them out and return them. Thank you Belvedere Block Captains for taking the time to organize your neighbors for an emergency.

If you do not have a copy of the form, one can be downloaded from the City's website..

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Marin Transit DRAFT.jpgTiburon Transit Needs Assessment
DRAFT Report is now available online

In partnership with the Town of Tiburon and the City of Belvedere, Marin Transit has spent the last several months conducting a Tiburon Transit Needs Assessment to evaluate existing services within the Tiburon Peninsula, identifying new and emerging mobility needs that fall outside of current transit service options, and crafting practical strategies for meeting these needs.

The study focused on the communities of Tiburon, Belvedere, and Strawberry, and engaged in a wide variety of community members and existing transit riders to garner valuable input on the specific transit needs for this unique community.

To learn more about the Needs Assessment or to view the DRAFT Report, please visit the project webpage located on the Marin Transit website at

For questions, please contact Marin Transit at (415) 226-0855.

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Felicia Wheaton
Community Development Director/Assistant City Manager

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