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  1. Business License Application
    Business License Application
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  3. Business License Tax Guidelines

    A business license tax is imposed on all persons doing business within Belvedere city limits. This tax is imposed solely to raise revenue for municipal purposes and is not intended for regulation.

    FEES: The business license tax is $160.00 for a calendar year, January through December. There are no pro-rated amounts for the business license tax; however, there is a partial refund of the business license tax for those businesses that meet certain criteria Please see description under "REFUNDS" for more information.

    PAYMENT DUE DATES: The business license tax is due January 1 of each year, unless specified otherwise by the Business License Administrator.

    PENALTIES: Failure to pay the business license tax by the due date will result in a penalty of $160.00 in addition to the standard business license fees. The same penalty applies to those businesses that began work in Belvedere without a current business license.

    RENEWAL NOTICES: Renewal notices are sent no later than December 15 of each year to all businesses or merchants currently licensed with the City of Belvedere.

    REFUNDS: Businesses that make less than $32,000.00 in Belvedere for the calendar year, are entitled to a partial refund of the business license tax. Refund forms are mailed out along with the renewal notices and require documentation of the year's revenue. The due date for refund applications is February 1 of each year. Please note that applications that are sent in to us prior to January 1 will be returned.

    WORKERS' COMPENSATION: Businesses are required to provide proof of Workers' Compensation Insurance at the time of application for a business license. We will no longer keep a Certificate of Workers' Compensation on file. Please ask your insurance carrier to remove our city from the mass mailing list. If your business is exempt from Workers' Compensation, simply check the appropriate box on the Workers' Compensation Declaration Form.

    Please Note: The information listed above is only a brief summary of Belvedere Municipal Code Section 5.04 regarding business license tax. Please call the Business License Administrator at (415) 435-8908, with any specific questions related to the business license tax.

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