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Apply for a Parking Permit

  1. Parking Permit Application
    Parking Permit Application
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  3. A credit card processing fee of 2.8% (minimum $2) will automatically be added.

  4. Preferential Parking Program Guidelines
    How to Apply: Fill out the Resident Parking Permit application below and download proof of Belvedere residency and current vehicle registration. Parking Permit Fee: $50 per vehicle. Permit Renewal: Parking permits are subject to biannual renewal in odd-numbered years. Displaying of Permit: Permits must be affixed to the lower left hand corner of the driver’s side front windshield on the vehicle to which it has been issued. Permits are not transferable and must have the license number of the vehicle to which it has been issued written onto the face of the permit in the area provided for that purpose. Replacement: Permits that have been destroyed, lost, or otherwise removed, or are on a vehicle that has been sold, must be replaced. A new permit will be issued for the vehicle. The cost for a replacement permit is the same as for a new permit. Additional Details: Permit holders may park in “2-hour” limit zones for up to 72 hours. Permit must have the license number written on it. Permit holders are not exempt from any other traffic/parking laws. Permits are non-transferable. Permit holders must understand that any non-compliance of Guest Pass requirements will result in the issuance of a citation to the vehicle in violation. For questions about Belvedere's Preferential Parking Program call (415) 435-8908.
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