Belvedere Block Captains

D I S A S T E R S   D O N ' T   P L A N   A H E A D    .  .  .     W E    C A N .

Our mission is to deliver a best-in-class rescue and recovery response in the event of a catastrophic natural disaster. Our volunteer block captains will be the linchpin between residents and emergency operations. For the block captains to be effective, it is vital that we know a little about your household. Please act now and register your information. We want 100% participation!

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About Our Block Captain Program

The Cornerstone of Sound Emergency Preparedness

Belvedere Block Captain Program Committee

Welcome to Belvedere Block Captains. The program is part and parcel of the City’s ongoing efforts to update its emergency preparedness planning. As natural disasters escalate in frequency, we learn a bit more each time about what could have been done better. We know that being prepared – at the household and community level – improves outcomes.

Over the past year, our City Council members have been working hard to recruit and train volunteer block captains for every street in Belvedere. Our block captains will act as the conduit between neighbors and emergency services should disaster strike. They will be responsible for surveying their block, identifying needs, and reporting back to the City’s Emergency Operations Center through their two-way radios. They are NOT there to provide direct assistance or supplies. Households are responsible for ensuring they have adequate supplies of their own.

In order for our block captains to do their jobs, it’s important that they know a bit about your household, including particular vulnerabilities. We can’t require you to share your information with us, but doing so will ensure that you don’t get forgotten.

Belvedere Block Captains

Nancy Kemnitzer
Block Captain

Disaster preparedness is a top priority for us. We’ve learned from disasters elsewhere that top-down planning is insufficient. We need actively involved resident volunteers combined with community training to strengthen our rescue and recovery efforts. This is where our block captains come in.

Jason Wu
Belvedere Chief of Police

In the event of a regional catastrophic disaster, our emergency responders will be stretched, and Belvedere could be inaccessible. Our volunteer block captains will provide crucial assistance by being our eyes and ears, tasked with identifying need and interfacing with our Emergency Operations Center.

Richard Pearce
Belvedere/Tiburon Fire Chief

In an emergency situation, every household needs to be accounted for and block captains can assist with that goal, leaving the Fire Department to take charge of other critical assignments. I encourage all residents to register their information and, even better, consider volunteering as a block captain.

Tom Cromwell
Head of Block Captain Task Force

We are very proud of our block captain program in which neighbors care for neighbors in the event of a disaster. To be most effective it is imperative that the block captains be familiar with their neighborhood, especially residents who may require immediate assistance.

Laurie Nilsen
Emergency Services Coordinator

A good neighbor is better than a faraway friend. This is especially true after a disaster. First responders and friends may be unable to assist you when help is needed, but your neighbors are right there. It is on all of us to be prepared; as individuals and as a community.