City Council members in a meeting


Connect with your elected officials and City departments.


City Clerk & Elections

Ensuring our local government operates transparently and conforms with federal, state and local statutes.

Climate and Environment

Working to reduce our municipal carbon footprint and encourage community members to reduce theirs.


Providing efficient and prudent management of the City’s financial resources.

Human Resources

Recruiting new employees, negotiating contracts, and managing salaries and benefits for City staff.

Planning & Building

Working to help guide the development of our City and make sure buildings are safe.


Providing safety and security, enforcing laws, cultivating community, and promoting compassion and concern.

Public Works

Maintaining our roadways, buildings, parks, storm drains, and public facilities.

Other agencies


Providing protection during fire, medical, environmental and man-made emergencies.


Nurturing curiosity, sparking connections, and fostering lifelong learning.

Parks & Recreation

Parks, activities, wellness, and classes for people of all ages.


Electricity, waste, sewer, and water services for Belvedere residents.

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