Belvedere General Plan & Housing Element

Belvedere General Plan 2030

The General Plan provides a vision for the future and establishes a framework for how Belvedere can thrive over the next two decades. It also sets forth strategies to sustain the many things we love about Belvedere while empowering the City and community to guide any changes needed to achieve the vision.

Click the link below to view Belvedere's General Plan. To download, click the download button.

Belvedere Housing Element Update

The Belvedere 2023 - 2031 Housing Element represents the City's intent to plan for the housing needs of the community while also meeting the State's housing goals as set forth in Article 10.6 of the California Government Code. The California State Legislature has identified the attainment of a decent home and a suitable living environment for every Californian as the State's major housing goal. Belvedere's Housing Element represents a sincere and creative effort to meet local and regional housing needs. Pursuant to State law, the Housing Element must be updated periodically according to statutory deadlines. This current Housing Element covers the planning period from 2023 to 2031.

Click the link below to view Belvedere's Housing Element Update. To download, click the download button.

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