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Find Out About A Neighbor’s Home Project

You can find out more about a neighbor's home project a few different ways:

Talk to Your Neighbor

The best way to learn more about your neighbor's home project is to talk directly to your neighbor. Your neighbor can provide an overview of the project, and depending on what stage the project is in, they can also share detailed plans. If you have questions or concerns about the project, it's always best to raise these directly to your neighbor. If you support the project, that's great to share as well. Often, candid neighbor discussions around home projects lead to positive outcomes for all.

Talk to a City Planning Staff Member

Members of the City Planning Department are also a great resource for information on active home projects. Planning Staff Members can share whatever public information is available about the project. They can also help with questions and/or concerns you may have regarding the project. Often, they will advise you to direct any questions and/or concerns to the homeowner or, if appropriate, the project architect or contractor. If you support the project, that's great to share as well. You can contact the Planning Department by email or by calling (415) 435-3838.

Check the Status of Project Permit(s)

You can check the status of any active permits related to the home project here. First, in the "Search" box, enter the address for the home project. Next, in the "Search by" box, select "Parcel Address" from the drop-down menu.  Last, click the "Search" button. The search will result in a list of all active permits for that address. Click on a "Permit #" to view the status of the permit.

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