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Posted on: October 12, 2022

Special Newsletter on Coyotes

Coyote standing in a field

Dear Resident, 

The City of Belvedere staff and City Council members have heard from many of you about increasing coyote sightings, interactions, and in some cases, the harming of household pets. Like you, we are deeply concerned about this growing problem and are committed to doing whatever it takes to address it. Effectively immediately, the City is implementing the following to deal with this issue:

  1. We will be petitioning the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) to permit the removal of all aggressive coyotes. For context, you should know that it is illegal to trap and relocate wildlife in California, and typically, the CDFW will only become involved in cases where a wild animal attacks a human. We think this is unacceptable. However, we need your help to move the CDFW to action. Going forward, please report Coyote-related incidents to the Belvedere Police Dispatch at (415) 435-2611. The Duty Officer will investigate the call and record information on the location, time, and nature of the interaction. This information and data will be very helpful and transmitted to the CDFW and Marin Humane, Animal Control (MHAC).
  2. We will be increasing active patrolling of our streets by the Belvedere Police Department, especially at dusk and dawn when coyote activity is most common. Police will help with hazing of coyotes. This is a practice we can all do to ensure that coyotes maintain their natural fear of humans and thereby avoid any contact with us.
  3. We will be assembling hazing kits that will be available at City Hall beginning October 20th. These kits will provide you with more detailed information on coyote hazing as well as a sound-making device that has proven helpful if you encounter a coyote.
  4. We will be working with our neighboring communities experiencing similar issues with coyotes. Together, we will build a coalition to ensure that the CDFW and MHAC are responding urgently and effectively to this issue. This coalition will also work to promote countywide policies designed to keep our communities safe while balancing the need to conserve and protect wildlife.

In the meantime, every resident should work to make Belvedere a less attractive place for coyotes. Marin Humane has coordinated with the Department of Fish and Wildlife and other interest groups to develop science-driven practices for managing coyote populations. Their recommendations include:

  • Practice hazing of coyotes that you encounter in public and around your property 
  • While out walking, keep your dog on a leash
  • Keep cats and small dogs indoors, particularly during the summer months
  • Do not leave water bowls and food outdoors
  • Pick ripe fruit from trees
  • Cover and secure your outdoor trash cans
  • Never feed Coyotes

*Please note that in California it is illegal to trap and relocate wildlife. In most cases, truly aggressive Coyotes are trapped and euthanized. 

Our top priority is the safety of our residents (and pets)! Please visit the City’s website or scan the QR code with your camera for additional information on coyote awareness. 

Our top priority is the safety of our residents (and pets)! Please visit the City’s website or CLICK HERE for additional information on coyote awareness.              


Robert Zadnik 
Belvedere City Manager

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