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Belvedere Evacuation Tag Program

The Belvedere Police Department, in partnership with other Marin law enforcement and fire agencies, is giving away evacuation tags to Belvedere residents. These tags are a new tool to help us more quickly ensure that neighborhoods are evacuated during a disaster. During an emergency, residents should display the tag in a location that is highly visible when they evacuate their homes, such as at a mailbox, the front door, garage door, or end of the driveway.

A visibly displayed evacuation tag will help first responders quickly identity which homes have been evacuated so they can focus their attentions on those who still need help. We have learned that seconds can count during evacuations, and we are excited to bring this new time-saving tool to our residents.

Residents can pick up their tags at the Belvedere Police Department. If you need assistance picking up your tag, please contact the Belvedere Police Department at (415) 435-3266. When you receive your evacuation tag, be sure to keep it near your front door or on your emergency preparedness "go bag."

You can learn more about this program by watching this video.

Evacuation Tag FAQs

Place the tag in a location that is most visible to first responders who are on the street. This could be a gate, a mailbox, garage door or a front door. If there is more than one home on the property, make sure all homes are evacuated before placing the tag near the street. We recommend the use of a zip tie or some type of small wire (26 gauge) to affix the tag to a location. You can even use strong adhesive tape. Remember to use something that will stay where it is placed for an extended period of time if necessary.

When a first responder sees an evacuation tag near the street, he/she assumes everyone on the property has evacuated. If someone is still on the property, only place the tag on the homes that have been evacuated. If placing the tag near the end of your driveway, only do so when the whole property and all residences are vacant.

We are happy to help community members who need a little assistance. Please call the Police Department at (415) 435-3266, or you can email Chief Jason Wu at

No. Evacuation tags are optional. It helps us evacuate neighborhoods more quickly, which means firefighters can get in more quickly to fight the fire. Most people we have talked with are very excited about the evacuation tags and we hope you are, too. Sonoma County and Napa County have had great success with their programs.

First responders usually mark your home with yellow tape or an “X” on the street when they confirm your home is evacuated. This is no different than an evacuation tag. We heavily patrol evacuated zones with help from our mutual aid partners and neighboring agencies. Your life is our first priority, then we focus on keeping your home and property safe while you’re gone.

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