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Citizen of the Year


Since 1979, Belvedere citizens have been nominating exceptional community volunteers for the Citizen of the Year award. Belvedere is blessed with many hardworking individuals who make our community tick, whether volunteering in an official government capacity, serving in one of Belvedere's many community groups, or working individually.

In 1991, the Citizen Emeritus Award was established to honor hardworking citizens, usually senior citizens, not already recognized with a Citizen of the Year award.

For more information, please get in touch with the Citizen of the Year Board Chair, Peyton Stein.

2023 Honorees

The Citizen of the Year Committee, comprising 22 previous Citizens of the Year, were unanimous in their selections this year.

The committee chose James Campbell as 2023 Citizen of the Year, noting that he epitomizes the best of Belvedere for his volunteerism and decades of leadership in the City's top appointed and elected positions.

Steve Block was honored as Emeritus Citizen of the Year for his deep commitment to our community and the county over the last 20 years.

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