City Council Priorities

Each year, the City Council holds an annual planning session to agree its priorities for the upcoming year. One or two Council Members are assigned to lead each area, working alongside staff to introduce policies to deliver on those priorities, typically within a 1-2 year time horizon.

2023 Priorities

  1. Improved Communications (Wilkinson & Cooper)
  2. Planning & Building Simplification (Mark)
  3. Construction Cost Appraisal and Construction Time Limit Review (Mark)
  4. Critical Infrastructure Project Readiness (Wilkinson)
  5. Climate Action Progress (Lynch & Wilkinson)
  6. Improved Emergency Preparedness (Staff)

Interim Priorities

From time to time, other priorities emerge during the year which are treated in the same way as our annual priorities. During 2023, the following two areas have emerged as interim priorities.

  1. Coyote Management (Cooper & Mark)
  2. Housing Element Update (Mark & Cooper)
  3. Fire Tax Review (Wilkinson & Mark)
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