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To contact a City staff member or City official, scan the directory below or call the main number for City Hall: (415) 435-3838. City Hall hours are Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am - 12:00pm and 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm.

If this is an emergency, please call 911.

The non-emergency Police number is (415) 435-3266. The Coyote Reporting non-emergency number is (415) 435-4982.

City directory

Barry, Chris Associate Engineer (415) 435-8903 Email
Botros, Justin Planning Commissioner
Boyd, Antony Public Works Director (415) 435-8926 Email
Burke, Kevin Planning Commissioner Email
Carapiet, Pat Planning Commissioner/Chair Email
Carranza, Alberto Maintenance Supervisor (415) 435-4111 Email
Cook, Christina Administrative Analyst (415) 435-8908 Email
Cooper, Jane Council Member/Vice Mayor Email
Cotter, Helga Administrative Services Director (415) 435-8904 Email
DeMartini, Roy Maintenance Worker (415) 435-4111 Email
Haener, Beth City Clerk (415) 435-8913 Email
Johnson, Ashley Planning Commissioner/Vice Chair Email
Kemnitzer, Nancy Council Member Email
Lynch, Jim Council Member Email
Malakiman, Samie Associate Planner (415) 435-8931 Email
Mark, Peter Council Member/Mayor Email
Markwick, Rebecca Planning & Building Director (415) 435-8907 Email
Miller, Nancy Planning & Building Technician (415) 435-8902 Email
Moe, John City Engineer (415) 435-8903 Email
Muniz, Genaro Building Inspector (415) 435-8915 Email
Schinske, Don Planning Commissioner
Seidel, Alex Planning Commissioner Email
Van Son, Brian Building Official (415) 435-8919 Email
Watson, Jena Planning Commissioner
Wilkinson, Sally Council Member Email
Zadnik, Robert City Manager (415) 435-8906 Email
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