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How many sets of plans do I need to submit for a building permit?

The Building, Planning, and Public Works Departments all accept permit submittals digitally. This is the preferred method of project submittal. The applications can be sent to Planning and Building Permit Technician, Nancy Miller, at nmiller@cityofbelvedere.org, Building Official, Brian Van Son, at bvanson@cityofbelvedere.org, and/or Associate Planner, Samie Malakiman, at smalakiman@cityofbelvedere.org. Should you wish to submit your application and plans in person, please follow the instructions below;

  • Minor bath and kitchen remodel projects must be accompanied by four (4) complete sets for minor repair projects. The plan may be drawn in ¼”= 1′-0 scale. All sheets of plans shall be the same size. All text is to be large enough to be clearly legible (minimum ⅛ inch high lettering).
  • Minor remodel projects, minor projects that involve structural work or minor projects that involve exterior work require five (5) complete sets.
  • Each Building Permit Application for new structures, additions and substantial remodels must be accompanied by seven (7) complete sets of construction drawings (plans) need to include the drainage plan, the erosion plan as well the landscape plan and two (2) copies of all other documents. Required documents in addition to the construction drawings include specifications, engineering calculations, energy calculations, geotechnical reports, special inspection and structural observation programs along with other related data as needed to fully describe your project and to show in detail that it conforms to the building code minimum requirements.
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