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Small Home Projects – Exempt from Design Review (1-2 Days)

Small-sized home projects are often subject to Design Review Exemption. The determination and approval process usually takes 1-2 Days.

Small-sized home projects are typically characterized as:

  • Most replacement and repairs including roofing, windows, and siding.
  • Minor exterior color or material changes including paint, roof, and siding material when consistent with the provisions of chapter 20.04.140.
  • Landscape changes or additions that are not part of a larger project subject to Design Review. Includes adding trees not larger than 12’ at maturity, removal of non-significant trees (with an Arborist report) and other changes to landscaping generally not visible to the public.
  • Renewable energy systems including installation of photovoltaic and battery backup systems.
  • Minor changes to previously approved plans which do not alter the intent of the plan.

Next Steps

If you think your project qualifies for Design Review Exemption, complete the Design Review Exemption Application and submit it with applicable supporting documents to the Planning & Building Department. A staff member will make the final determination.

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