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Formerly known as the Belvedere Emergency Alert Radio Station (BEARS) at 840 on the AM dial, the new Siren Notification Alerting the Peninsula 840 a.m. radio station crackles to life, alerting residents peninsula-wide with emergency notifications.

The Belvedere-Tiburon Get Ready Task Force has been working hard over the past couple of years to develop a communication system that can alert everyone on the Peninsula simultaneously to immediate disaster preparedness information. Through the generous contributions of the City of Belvedere, the Town of Tiburon, the Belvedere Community Foundation, the Tiburon Peninsula Foundation, and the Tiburon Fire Protection District, SNAP was born.

About SNAP

SNAP 840 AM provides a resource peninsula-wide to emergency notifications. But SNAP is only part of the story. In the event of an emergency, it is entirely possible that the peninsula will become isolated due to its two primary entry roads being blocked - Highway 101 and Paradise Drive. Without these primary access roads, emergency response on the peninsula will be limited to the public resources at hand and the resources of the community itself.

Task Force

The Get Ready Task Force and Belvedere-Tiburon Disaster Advisory Council have developed localized emergency response plans that include local shelter locations, a peninsula first aid station, a volunteer reporting center, a water evacuation plan, a deepwater wharf access point, an electronic notification system, and an emergency alert siren. Working together with numerous peninsula volunteers and the Get Ready disaster preparedness programs, the Peninsula has readied itself for "what's next."

SNAP's Role

So, how does SNAP fit in? SNAP is a local emergency reporting system. It is designed for periodic and immediate radio alert updated in the event of an emergent situation on the Peninsula. In the event of an emergency, the Peninsula emergency alert siren will sound, alerting the community to tune to SNAP 840 AM for more details. In addition to SNAP 840, you can sign up for SNAP electronic notification. Email Laurie Nilsen or call 1 415-435-7386 and provide your unique method of notification - email, cell, home phone, office phone, or text - we cover it all.

So remember - if you hear the siren, tune in and turn us up - SNAP 840 AM!

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