Prepare for flooding emergencies

Know Your Flood Zone

During strong storm events, heavy rain and coastal overtopping can lead to flooding in certain low lying areas of the City. This means that for the majority of properties in the Belvedere Lagoon and West Shore Road neighborhoods, you are in a special flood hazard area. FEMA has designated properties in these areas as being in either an AE or VE Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). To determine your property's SFHA, you may search by address at FEMA's Flood Map Service Center.

Flood Preparedness

Flooding in Belvedere may occur when heavy rainfall is combined with high tide. Storm runoff can also cause flooding to hillside homes. Preparation before a flood event can save property and lives.

Flood Maps

FEMA's Flood Map Service Center allows you to search by address for an area's flood map to help determine where flooding is likely to occur.

Know the Flood Warning Signals: Early Warning & Notification Systems

In the event of a flood or other natural disaster, there are several methods used to warn the community as early as possible. Four sirens installed around the Tiburon Peninsula will sound alerting residents to the situation. For important information and updates, residents should tune their radio to SNAP 1140 a.m. (Siren Notification Alerting the Peninsula). Residents may also sign up for the Alert Marin emergency notification system to receive essential information about tests and emergencies sent directly to their home phone, cell phone, text, or email. Finally, residents may sign up to be alerted to a variety of community alerts and notifications. During a flooding event, updates will be posted on the City's website in an emergency banner at the top of the page.

Protect your Property from the Hazard: Flood Safety Precautions

The Tiburon Peninsula's disaster preparedness organization, Get Ready 94920, provides many resources for Belvedere residents, including classes and resources to prepare your home for a flooding event or other natural disaster. Below are a few of their flood precaution tips:

  • If your house is in the path of heavy runoff, keep sandbags, plywood, plastic sheeting, and lumber on hand to divert water.
  • If your house is in a low lying flat area and your basement is subject to flooding, consider installing a sump pump with generator back up.
  • Keep gutters free of leaves and debris.
  • If there is a possibility that water will engulf electrical or gas outlets, turn of electricity and gas meters.
  • Don't walk through flood waters that are more than knee deep. If you are trapped in your home, wait for help to come.

Evacuation Routes

City of Belvedere Evacuation Map

Shelter Locations

Shelter locations will vary depending on the specifics of a disaster situation and will be decided on in coordination with the Red Cross to determine the location that best suits the needs of the effected residents. The pre-designated shelter locations on the Peninsula include:

  • Bel Aire School
  • Community Congregational Church
  • Del March School
  • Kol Shofar
  • Reed School
  • St. Hilary School
  • St. Stephen's Church
  • Tiburon Baptist Church
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church
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