Coyote awareness and reporting

Report a coyote sighting

If this is an emergency and you require immediate assistance, call 911.

If it's not an emergency:


Wildlife sightings in Belvedere are common and are generally a source of enjoyment for community members. However, in late 2022/early 2023, residents reported several atypical coyote interactions, including altercations with pets.

In response, the City consulted with leading wildlife professionals to develop a Coyote Response Plan with the understanding that indiscriminate lethal control, or trapping and relocation, are neither legal nor effective solutions. The plan's success depends on the community doing its part to restore the normal balance.

Coyote Response Plan

Belvedere's Coyote Response Plan aims to minimize coyote conflicts by asking residents to do the following:

  1. First, avoid deliberately or inadvertently providing access to food sources (such as garbage or pet food), as this significantly increases the likelihood of conflicts with coyotes. Learn more.
  2. Second, as appropriate, haze coyotes to restore their natural fear of humans. Displays of submissive behavior can train coyotes to think they are dominant and could embolden them. Learn more.
  3. Third, report any coyote incidents or sightings using the PD hotline at (415) 435-8942 or by completing the Non-Emergency Coyote Online Reporting Form at the top of this page.
  4. Questions? Call (415) 435-8942 and leave a message. Please be sure to leave your name and contact information.

Together with the wildlife professionals at Humane Wildlife Control and the trained coyote response team in our Police Department, we can normalize the behavior of our local wildlife.

For current news and information, please read the Belvedere Breeze Newsletter.

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