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FAQ Topic: Planning FAQs

Does my roof project require Planning review and approval?

Your roof project will need Planning review and approval as it will require you to file either a Design Review Application or a Design Review Exemption Application. New roofs as wells as repairs and replacement to existing roofs are governed by Belvedere Municipal Code, 20.04.140 – Materials and Colors Used. The code specifies that all … Continued

Does my fence project require Planning review and approval?

The planning review and approval process is referred to as Design Review. Most all exterior changes, including fences, require Design Review. This is true even if a building permit is not required for the same project. The following Municipal Code and Policies govern new and existing fences including repair and replacement. Please review before starting … Continued

How do I provide feedback on a neighbor’s home project?

There are few ways you can provide feedback on a neighbor’s home project including: Talk to Your Neighbor – The best way to learn more about your neighbor’s home project is to talk directly to your neighbor. Your neighbor can provide an overview of the project, and depending on what stage the project is in, … Continued

Can I appeal a Planning Commission decision?

The applicant or any interested party may file an appeal with the City Council from any denial, approval or conditional approval of any application by the Planning Commission. The appeal must be filed with the City Clerk no later than 10 calendar days after the Planning Commission’s action.  The purpose of an appeals is to … Continued

How do I get started on a home project?

To get started on a home project, go here in the Planning & Building Department section. Note that the process depends on the size of your home project. Smaller home projects are relatively simple and quick to approve. Larger home projects are more complex and require more time for approval.

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