Why do we still have coyotes?

Posted on June 14, 2024

coyote standing near the shore

Many aspects of Belvedere that make it an ideal place for us to live also make it an attractive environment for coyotes. A pair of coyotes came here and stayed because they found plenty of food resources and shelter opportunities. They are particularly attracted to our construction sites, vacant properties, dense vegetation, quiet streets, abundant fruit trees, and plentiful rats and other rodents.

All coyotes in Marin are urbanized, so even if it were possible to eliminate the ones that live here, future coyotes would not be any different. In fact, the current mated pair is preventing more coyotes from making Belvedere their home. Key to reducing encounters is keeping all coyotes fearful of humans. Please refer to the Coyote Resources section listed on the Belvedere website for more information. If you missed the May 23 Zoom presentation on Coyotes in Belvedere, you can watch it on the city’s YouTube channel.

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