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Posted on: August 23, 2021

2021 Street Maintenance Project Info

Road Work Ahead and Lane Closure signage on streetfront




2021 Pavement Rehabilitation Project


Belvedere is starting out on a significant 5-year pavement improvement program aimed at restoring our streets and prolonging their usable lifespan. This summer, nearly half the streets will be overlaid with fresh slurry or micro seal coatings; the work will include weed removal, tree trimming, street sweeping, slurry sealing and pavement striping work activities.  The coating process involves placing a layer of an emulsion-aggregate slurry or Slurry Seal directly to the road surface. Benefits include reducing pavement deterioration due to weather elements, improving skid resistance, and reducing the aging of the asphalt. The City’s contractor for the project is Dryco Construction, Inc. The work is scheduled to occur between the months of August & September. Please take a minute to review the commonly asked questions below: 


Is My Street On the List to be Overlaid?

Click Here for the most up-to-date work schedule. 

How Will I Be Affected?       

If your street is on the construction list, then the work requires your street to be closed or have restricted travel access starting at 8:00 a.m. and continuing until the Contractor removes the traffic control devices. Affected residents will be notified 48 hours in advance of the day work will be performed on their street by a notice left at their front door.  On the reverse of the notice they will find the work schedule. They will also see temporary no-parking signs on their street with specific no-parking dates written on them.  “No Parking” signs will be posted on portable barricades at least 48 hours in advance of the work that will restrict parking. Residents will know the exact date their street will be closed when they review the schedule on the reverse of the notice and observe the “No Parking” signs and written dates.

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare? 

If you do not plan to leave your home before 8:00 a.m. on the day your street will be sealed and you will need to use your vehicle later in the day, please park your car on an adjacent street in your neighborhood that is not designated as a "No Parking" zone. 

What Happens on the Day of My Street Maintenance? 

A successful street maintenance program relies on your cooperation!  Please note the following: 


  • Do not drive, walk, play, skate or allow pets on the sealed street until it has dried. Walking on the newly sealed street will leave black residue on the bottom of your shoes. The residue is known to damage some surfaces, will mark all surfaces that you track it on, and will be very difficult to remove.  
  • Wait for the street to dry before washing your car or turning on any sprinklers.  
  • On your regularly scheduled garbage collection day, please put out your carts like you normally do; no service impact is anticipated. 
  • On the day your street is sealed, mail delivery may be delayed until the next day

How Can I Get More Information? 

If you have still have questions about this project, please contact:

  • Dryco Construction, Mike Wallen; (916) 381-8033
  • City Engineer, Dave Silzle; (707) 544-6274
  • Christina Cook, City of Belvedere Office Coordinator; (415) 435-3838


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