Belvedere operates a full service city with its own police, finance, planning, building, and public works departments, despite being a community of less than one thousand residences, with very limited retail or commercial activity. We contract with Tiburon Fire Protection District for fire and ambulatory service.

Our annual budget is just over $10 million, supported primarily by Property Tax and Fire Tax revenues. Despite our limited budget, we have a long history of fiscal responsibility, with a prudential reserve policy, well funded pensions, and minimal debt.

Each Spring, staff presents a draft budget to the City's Finance Committee, which the Committee reviews and revises before sending its recommendation to the City Council. The goal is always to balance current and capital expenditure needs, whilst adhering to the City's stated reserve and pension funding policies.

The fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.

Please contact City Hall for access to older reports.

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