Belvedere's City Council comprises five council members. Each member serves a 4-year term, with terms staggered so that at most three seats are turned over in any given election. City Council elections are held in the November of even-numbered years to coincide with federal elections.

The position of mayor is not separately elected. Instead, the mayor and vice mayor roles are rotated among council members. Each December, the five council members select a mayor and vice mayor from their ranks to serve for one year.

Although there is no legal limit on the number of terms a council member can serve, the custom in Belvedere is for elected officials to serve not more than two terms (8 years).

The next regularly-scheduled City Council election will be held in November 2024 for the election of three council members whose terms expire in 2024.

Upcoming Elections

March 5, 2024 Belvedere Fire Measure Renewal Election

The eleventh four-yearly renewal of Belvedere's Fire Measure will occur on March 5, 2024, to coincide with the Presidential Primary Election. For any questions about the City's election procedures and filing deadlines (which may differ from County deadlines), please get in touch with the City Clerk.

To learn more about the Presidential Primary election, including voting dates and facts, please visit the County of Marin's Elections site.

Fire Measure 2024 Resources


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