FAQ Topic: Popular FAQs

What does the City require when I sell my home?

If you’re selling you home in Belvedere, here’s what the City requires of you: Schedule an RBR (Report of Residential Building Records) inspection. You can find the RBR application here. Have your sewer lateral inspected and the report transmitted to Sanitary District of Marin or San 5. Share this information with your realtor. They may … Continued

Where can I find out about road closures?

Information about road closures, road encroachments, and street maintenance projects can be viewed in The Road Closure Calendar here. Information will also be posted in the Events sections.

What does the City charge for various permits?

The City updates its Master Schedule of Fees and Charges regularly. Updates are adopted by the City Council at a Public Hearing. A copy of updated Fees and Charges Schedule is posted on the City website here.

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