Active Public Works Projects

Vegetation Management on West Shore

Starting on October 2,  2023, the City, in coordination with PG&E and the Tiburon Fire Protection District, will be conducting vegetation management work on City-owned property along West Shore Road. The work includes the removal of identified trees, brushy vegetation, and dry woody debris on the lower slopes and roadside.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Lane Closures and Traffic Controls: Lane closures may be necessary for safety purposes. Please pay attention to traffic control signage, equipment, and flaggers.
  • Tree Removals: PG&E has identified certain trees growing near their high voltage lines on City and private property that will be removed for safety purposes. They are in contact with the relevant property owners regarding these removals.
  • Duration of Work: Work is expected to start on Monday, October 2, and while it is uncertain how quickly crews will progress, it is likely to continue for two to three weeks.

The City can provide a chipper service to West Shore residents clearing fire fuel from their properties during this project. To learn more about reducing fire fuel on your property, contact TFPD Fire Prevention Specialist Gary Musante. To learn more about this project or the chipper service, contact Public Works Director Tony Boyd.

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