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Public Works Requests for Proposals

City of Belvedere Request for Proposal for Engineering Services May 2024

The City of Belvedere is requesting proposals from qualified and experienced Engineering firms to provide staff augmentation services associated with engineering design, project delivery, and development review within the Public Works Department. The City intends to issue a three-year contract with the option to renew at the end of the third year for up to two additional years.

Belvedere is a unique residential community of approximately 2,400 residents located in Marin County, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, at the southern tip of the picturesque Tiburon Peninsula. The Public Works Department is responsible for the design and construction of projects to rehabilitate, upgrade and expand the City’s public infrastructure, maintain infrastructure, and review and approve public facets of residential and commercial development projects. Staff take a proactive approach to improving the City’s infrastructure to protect public health and safety and enhance the quality of life for Belvedere’s residents. Typical projects and services include street resurfacing and reconstruction, retaining wall upgrades and repairs, concrete stair repair and construction, park improvements, electric vehicle charging station facilities, drainage improvements and more.

The City seeks a firm of qualified engineers, technicians and managers to seamlessly collaborate with Public Works staff in all aspects of maintenance and CIP projects, including preliminary investigation, permitting, design and construction management. In addition, the selected firm may be requested to provide peer review services on engineering aspects of development projects. At the City’s discretion, a selected firm may complete relevant tasks either off-site or in-house depending on the type of work and space constraints.

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