Planning Department

What We Do

The Planning Department provides staff services to the City Council and Planning Commission and the Historic Preservation Committee related to the implementation of the city general plan. This is the department that oversees the development and implementation of planning and land use policies and regulations in Belvedere, and analyzes applications for the development and use of property within the community. 

The Planning Department is responsible for managing the physical development of the City in an orderly manner in accordance with the City’s General Plan, Zoning Ordinance, Municipal code, and other related City policies and regulations. The Planning Department is responsible for all planning related activities in the City of Belvedere. Key responsibilities including the following:

  • Current planning (processing applications for planning permits, such as use permits, tentative maps, design review and reviewing building permits in order to ensure compliance with applicable regulations).
  • Long range planning (updating the General Plan and the Housing Element, and developing and implementing other planning documents, such as the Climate Action Plan.