Firearm Safety Program

According to the Brady Campaign, there are approximately 313 firearm related deaths or injuries every day. Of these, 8 children and teens are injured or killed at home due to improperly stored or misused firearms in the house. Having unsecured firearms at your residence only increase risks of accidental gun death or injury and suicide.

The Belvedere Police Department continuously works with the community to promote and practice safe gun ownership and firearm safety at home.

Safe Firearm Storage

Securely storing firearms when not in use is the essential element of responsible gun ownership and the #1 way to help prevent firearm accidents, theft, and misuse. Belvedere Municipal Code 9.7 requires all firearms to be properly secured when not in use. California Penal Code 25100 makes someone criminally liable if they store a loaded firearm where a child is likely to gain access to it.

The Belvedere Police Department offers free trigger locks/cables that can stop a firearm from operating while under lock and key to provide another level of safety. Trigger locks are one way of preventing someone from purposely or accidentally using the firearm that may cause injury. Firearm boxes/safes (locked containers) provide an extra level of protection beyond trigger locks because guns are “out of sight,” and these devices prevent gun thefts from occurring during residential burglaries.

Additional information about firearms safety from the California Department of Justice may be found here.

Disposal of Unwanted Firearms

As part of our service, the Belvedere Police Department will collect any unwanted firearms and ammunition from our residents without charge. Simply call the Belvedere Police Department at (415) 435-3233 and arrange to have a police officer take possession of unwanted firearms or ammunitions from your home.

The officer will provide you with a written receipt. Afterwards, you must personally fill out California Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms Form #BOF 4546 – NOTICE OF NO LONGER IN POSSESSION and return it to California Department of Justice. Click here for the form.

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